Saturday, December 16, 2017

Tis The Season To Be Careful When Traveling Through Certain States With Firearms

It is prudent to be cognizant when traveling through certain states with wacky firearms laws, but as this is the season when we sometimes cross state lines into "enemy territories" that do not recognize reciprocity of our CCW permits, loaded vs. unloaded, storage of guns and ammunition during transit, etc., we should all be extra cautious. I came across this article and though I rarely travel to some of the states listed in the article, I thought it worth mentioning.

                                                                      Top Five States To Avoid With Firearms

                                                                                The link was a little slow loading for me, but it will get there.

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  1. Carefull in driving through the North-East states thinking you'll just breeze through. My "Southern" State links CCLs to your driver's license. The NJ Troopers see a "Southern" license plate on a car driving on the NJ Turnpike or garden State Parkway they will find an excuse to pull you over. Then they'll do a check on your license with the issuing state and if there's a CCL connected with it you're fucking toast.


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