Monday, December 4, 2017

So The Left Is Touting Kamala Harris As.....

  .. the first black woman who could become president.

I think those panties have already been filled.............




  1. Yeah, you're right. The first transgender, black President, and black transgender first lady were so confused, they probably had to fight over the designer clothes.

  2. Think the left could ever get behind a woman candidate for president that wasn't venal, crazy or both?

  3. Please run her. Pretty please.

  4. I own a precision machine shop/07 FFL in California. So I know Kamala well. Trust me when I tell you she's so incompetent that she could be even more destructive than the Kenyon Fag. Scary thought.

    1. Since his handlers made all the decisions for the gay mulatto, why do you think she'll be more destructive? Her handlers will just tell her what to do. Why, she could have all the vacations, designer clothes, weaves, fake fingernails, and sail foams she wants, and all she has to do is suck on command.

  5. It is the handlers "King Whisperers" of the Low IQ Political Agenda driven politicians I fear. They use their behind the scenes control to push Norm busting oddities and social upheavals that the public would never have voted a person into office for.


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