Friday, December 22, 2017

Link O'rama....

 Compiled and submitted by AFOI....
** Red-pill black.  Needs to go viral.  Please post!!!!!
** Oh now this is interesting.  Sour grapes at not being picked?
** Oil reserves, great climate, tourist attractions, other natural resources... what could possibly
be the cause of this poverty?  The mind boggles at this great mystery.  Related:
** It works in theory.  That's all they care about.  Again: these people have lost their
survival instincts (and critical thinking skills).
** Dhimmitude.  Related:
** These people are LOCKED on national and cultural suicide.  They need to be taken out of office.
Peacefully if possible, but if not... by any means necessary.
** The accuser cannot always be believed. 

** There is no freedom without freedom for those with whom we disagree.  Related:
** Domestic terrorists and traitors.
** Better to have declared enemies than false friends.  Ship 'em all to Venezuela.
** Related:
** Proving Evan Sayet's theorem: That liberals will side with evil intentionally.
** Title: The Most Honest Arab Muslim On Planet Earth
>> Strong points, hard questions...
** I would argue that the difference is culture, not race... but worth reading IMHO.
** Dialing the Russian fable to "11".

Multiculturalists Working to Undermine Western Civilization
** Quote: "They also seem not to want to acknowledge that the West, even flawed, has nevertheless
afforded more freedoms and prosperity to more people than ever before in history."

Economic Collapse | What Happened & What's Happening
** Quote: "A pointless excercise because 'this' is coming..."
>> Follow-up:
Economic Collapse | Protecting Yourself
** Cash is being intentionally phased out.  The fence posts are being put up.
** A deliberate act.
** The gazillionth reason I call them the ENEMEDIA.  More:
** And note the comment to the effect that the silence is allowing the Leftists to "get in front" of this
to discredit it.
**Title: Asking Feminists: Women's Rights or Islam?
>> The staggering ignorance these "feminist" & "pro-women" protestors have about the
nature of Islam and its treatment of women is... really, I'm speechless.  I'm paraphrasing
from a Bill Whittle video, to the effect of "Do these women not understand that if Islam
takes over, their BEST CASE scenario is for them to be raped, beaten, and turned into
second-class baby factories?"  More:
** Title: Why Don't Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?

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