Sunday, November 26, 2017

Oh the hypocrisy, Nancy, will it never end?

Nancy Pelosi defends FRANKEN, KLINTON, and CONYERS, yet attacks President Trump and calls Judge Roy Moore a "child molester". In a  statement on NBC's Meet the Press Pelosi defended the demokrats. Of MI demokrat congresssmen John Conyers she said there is "due process and he is entitled to that". This is another example of the "double standard" we see in national politiks and the MSM. Elitist, such as Pelosi, McConnell, Lindsay Graham, etc, believe they can hornswaggle the American people at will. It must stop.  STORY


  1. Hi Irish!!!
    GEEEEEESSSSUS!!! Yer' Preachen' to the Choir!! But' it's necessary!! There are the "Lurkers" who need to get our drift!! The P-"Louse" infected bitch is so "out-of-it" I don't think even the "Space Aliens" want anything to do with her!! 'Bitch is, she's a product of her voters.......'doesn't say much about them, either...."DOES IT!!!!!"
    Blue skies,
    BLACK DEATH!!!!!!!!

  2. Pelosi is the poster child for Alzheimer's. Included in that undiagnosed group are all her constituents. If they weren't so eat up with an inability to remember the day, they'd vote her into oblivion.


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