Saturday, November 25, 2017

Black Friday: "1983 vs. Now" or People vs. "Animals"

                                        What the hell happened? How did we devolve into this in thirty-four years?

"Borrowed" from Chief Nose Wetter


  1. You said a mouth full, a hand full and a butt full... I never go out shopping any more during teh "silly season" Animals all.

  2. 16 years of Democrat Presidents who told people being a slob was a right.

    1. Indeed. There were several pivotal junctions where our nation went left when it should have turned right. One example was in 1957 when the federal government turned U.S. Army troops on American citizens at Little Rock and forced schools to desegregate. This should have been handled much differently. We are still paying the price for the actions of socialist experiments carried out by paid communist agitators such as Martin Luther King and other commie subversives (socialist-liberal-politicians). Many of these operations were committed under the guise of equality, etc. Most of the social problems our nation faces today are by-products of this era. Still I would have to say the greatest blow to American culture and the degeneration of this country was LBJ's "Great Society". It fostered complacency and government dependency that has metastasized into a deadly cancer upon our land.

  3. A mob of people "entitled" to everything. A breakdown of the family, a breakdown of faith, a breakdown of believing ourselves all one nation (despite the imperfections in any human society).

    If they'll stampede each other for a microwave, just wait until the economy crashes from the debt load, or an EMP or grid attack takes down the electricity.

  4. Massive rushes for trivial things such as consumer products, such as TV's, toys, etc.

    Now image the stampede for food, when it is in short supply. Only only needs to look at other parts of the world to see this occurring on an almost routine basis.

  5. well, if you notice, you are comparing apples to orangutans.

  6. My TV died first and last Magnavox. So I went to get a new one today, Cyber Monday whatever the hell that is. What a total cluster f###! I have started to detest Christmas. Not the event but the insanity it has become. Mobs in stores, traffic snarls everyone Christmas carols in stores the day after Labor Day. Christmas decorations in September and sold out by mid November. Massive lines at the returns counter a month before Christmas. Aaarrrrgggh.

  7. The one day of the year I'm embarrassed to be an American....used to be only the one day in November, 1963....but then I had to add election day 2008 and it's an annual thing on black Friday....


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