Monday, October 2, 2017

We Will Never Get The Actual Truth About The Las Vegas Shooting...

  Everything will be convoluted as you can already see by the various media stories and blog comment threads.

 What ever the reason, this is another tragedy that will have the various cast of characters dancing in the blood of the innocents.

Fuck the shooter and the true reasons for this.



  1. The problem is this event will be used to limit our 2nd amendment rights. If the shooter had instead driven a school bus full of kids into the crowd and killed and injured as many people no one would demand the banning of school busses or to limit their capacity. This will be used politically to take your rights.

  2. This has "Deep State" written all over this.

  3. At the very least, we know he was a Lefty, having been video-taped participating in an anti-Trump rally:

    1. Tru dat....he is pussy hat mafia


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