Monday, June 19, 2017

Subliminal Lunch Suggestion....


  1. Hi Irish,
    "Great lookin' Chicken!!!... but... it may be just an "illusion" in the photography but there may be a few "stray hairs" left on the skin!! One thing with Chicken, and I know from growing up, Grandma raised, killed, cleaned and cooked "Chicken!!" I remember her taking the gutted cleaned carcass of the to be dinner, turning the gas burner on the kitchen stove on high and dragging the carcass across it several time to rid it of those "Stray Hairs!!" (Not Feathers...they were already picked off!!) and the smell of burned hair permeated the kitchen for a while till we opened the windows and turned the fans on...this was before "Central Air!!"
    'Ya can't do that on an electric range or in a "3-mile oven!!"

  2. Great recipe find for a different twist on wings! Thanks. Gotta git me some.


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