Monday, June 19, 2017



  1. Around where I live, all one has to do is drive the speed limit, EVERY morning, to make people crazy.

    1. I do it by driving a school bus. Love the Conga Lines.

  2. Me too Mike. At 75 years I do the speed limit, signal for turns 300 feet before the turn and stop for yellow lights unless I'm nose into the intersection. I've been the target of road rage and even my sister says my silly driving habit are going to cause an accident. Really? Are people that stupid? Well a lot voted for Hillary so go figure.

  3. My biggest surprise in retirement is that I figured I'd be getting up at my regular time, which had been 6 for the last 35 years. Maybe sleep until 6:30. Instead it's more like 8, or even 10, like today.

    There is just not enough fun to be had to make me get up at 6 and drive slowly. Which makes me think those people driving slow aren't retired. They're just messing with you.


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