Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Link O'rama..Keeping Tabs on Things.....

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** More love, tolerance, and acceptance from the Left.
** Hawaii judge met with Obama one day before issuing ruling against Trump's travel ban.
How... coincidental.  More:
** The more I watch Leftists, the more this one comes to mind - they're FAKE AMERICANS:
** Excellent!  And read the comments.
** Scary stuff, but predictable.  For generations we've had the Leftist termites undermining
confidence and admiration of America and its uniqueness.  It's bearing fruit.  Related:
** The Kool-Aid runs deep with these people.  And it goes to "11" with this concept:
** A 5% surtax for being white?  And the money quote: "Take away any national commonality and you are left with quarreling tribes using bloc
voting, group alliances and aggrieved narratives to lay claim to power and privilege."
>> Divide and conquer.  It's been that way since forever.
** Let's send all the snowflakes there.  Let them see REAL Socialism.
** Quote: "Mandela and his communist controlled African National Congress (ANC) were given a developed country endowed with an abundance of
natural resources along with a stable, successful economy thriving in all sectors. These included labour intensive industries such as coal and
diamond mining, agriculture, nuclear development as well as the medical sector with it's pioneering heart transplant surgery."  

** Embedded quote: "The UNFCCC was established twenty-five years ago, to find scientific support for dangers from increasing carbon dioxide.
While this has led to generous and rapidly increased support for the field, the purported dangers remain hypothetical, model-based
projections. By contrast, the benefits of increasing CO2 and modest warming are clearer than ever, and they are supported by dramatic
satellite images of a greening Earth."
>> Why?  Simple.  Control.  Power.  And the link containing the above quote, worth reading AND keeping:
** From 2015, but a critical difference between two kinds of civilizations.  Another 2015 piece
by the same guy - long but VERY insightful:
** The aim of federal programs is to buy votes.  They admit it.
** I don't know enough about women in the military to comment specifically (though I
do see the potential for huge problems as the essay points out), but... they made
the tapes, they sent obscene video clips to others.  And then they complain that
those materials get disseminated.  This approaches the classical definition of
chutzpah: the boy who kills his parents and then asks for mercy because he's an
** Communist News Network.
** Quote: "If the judiciary is so hostile to Trump, then there is no reason to think that hostility will stop with the immigration executive
orders. So the fight over the executive orders may really be a proxy fight over whether Trump will be permitted to exercise the executive
powers vested in the office."
>> This goes beyond legitimate opposition.
** Quote "Chelsea Clinton is being groomed. She's going to run for office eventually, and her resume has to have something on it. Have you
noticed how much she's been in the news lately?"
** Quote: "Just imagine what the media reaction would have been if during the general election it came out that questions during Republican
primary debates had been leaked to the Trump campaign. It would have been non-stop, 24/7, foaming at the mouth coverage demanding Trump drop
out of the race."
>> File under "Standards, Double".
** But this would imply moral and intellectual consistency.
** They have a LONG GAME PLAN.  They plan on having lots of kids; Europeans don't.  They win.
** It does NOT pass the smell test.  People from countries where you can BUY a passport cannot be vetted.  Period.
** Time for some anonymous Molotov cocktails.
** Quote: "Europe will quickly reach a point where they have to abandon social democracy in order to survive."
>> When people understand that their government takes the side of another people, abandoning its role and
responsibility to protect the people who are there already, they will turn on the government.  And if,
through censorship and such, the people grasp that peaceful protesting will not work... it's over.
I give Europe less than five years before "IT" starts.
** Title: Ex Saudi muslim warns Canadians about Islam
** But she's only a former Muslim.  What could SHE know about Islam compared to the "authorities" who say it's
a Religion of Pieces, er, Peace?  More:
** Related, in their own words they say what their goals are:
** And women and gays will STILL work to see more come in.  These people have truly lost their survival instincts.
** Excellent reveal of what it takes for an American to work in Mexico.
** Quote: "There are women, gays, and minorities around the world dying to get into the United States. The ones that get the opportunity to do
so legally spend thousands of dollars and put up with years of paperwork to come here. You think that's because it's such a racist, sexist,
oppressive country?"
** Man shouts ALLAHU AKHBAR as he attacks!  Police mystified as to his motive.
** Quote: "Maybe the [anti-Trump] war is to nullify the election with an endless stream of feces-throwing. The feces will permit the media to
refer to the "controversy- and scandal-ridden" Trump
>> And even if Trump survives, and even if he gets re-elected, they will be able to point - historically - to his "controversy-ridden" term(s).
** It's a f*cking movie for crying out loud.  These people LITERALLY are fascistic tyrants who cannot stand ANYTHING not inside their
collective bubble.

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