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Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things......

 submitted by AFOI...
** Quote: "It is inherently destabilizing for a nation when one of the parties in a two-party
political system is taken over by people who have a negative view of the country."
** Great image and quote.
** Democrats 1917 and 2017.
** Another fantastic image, defining all sorts of descriptors like "Nazi", "Fascist", etc. :)
** Quote: "I certainly was a Warmist back in 1991. I was a believer that the warming was mostly/solely caused by Mankind as recent as 2004.
However, at that point, I was able to use the power of the Internet to see other data, other rationales, other hypotheses, and rebuttals to
the Cult Of Climastrology. I was no longer living on the spoonfuls of leftist propaganda from limited outlets. And I was able to see that this
whole thing has little to do with nature and just about everything to do with enacting Progressive (nice fascist) big centralized government
policies of control and taxation."
>> I, too, was a Warmist... until I learned how the Warmists did NOT share data and methods, and actively avoided it.  As someone who TEACHES
STEM, I am a believer in the scientific method, and this egregious violation of it make me say "Wait a minute!".  The other thing that
convinced me it's a scam was the fact that it's not falsifiable: if it's "climate change" no matter if colder, hotter, wetter, drier,
stormier, or calmer, then that violates the fundamental principle that a theory must be falsifiable - i.e., disprovable.
** Another Trump move worthy of Alinsky.  Beauteous!   

** Treasonous.  Pure and simple.
** Quote: "So, you've got a country that's more afraid of being honest about the problem than they are of the problem.  Or, I think more
accurately, the people in positions of power are; the people being
damaged by this crap know what the problem is, but they're afraid of being attacked by their own if they speak openly about it."
>> Viking ancestors surpassing lightspeed as they spin in their graves.
** But this is GOOD foreign meddling.
** Can we spell "cognitive dissonance"?  On one hand, liberals practically worship transgenders...
on the other hand, they are dead set to bring in more people who think this same way towards
transgenders.  Related:

** NOT short, but... read through it all.  Understand, the enemedia really does ONLY see what
they want to see.
** Quote: "America was always a nation of immigrants who sought to become - or at least were taught by American public schools and by the
general American culture to become - Americans."
** THIS is why the Left hates Trump so much.  Be believes in AMERICA, not some great kum-ba-ya global utopia.
** Quote: "And the nominations and awards themselves, especially in the documentary and foreign-language categories, are often based less on
artistic accomplishment than on identity politics and other PC considerations."
>> Exactly.  It's virtue-signalling on a global scale.
** Quote: "Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former DNC chairwomanperson, and current DNC co-chair Keith Ellison did not clap or get off their sorry
backsides when the rest of the hall was honoring a widow who had lost so much, and an American warrior and hero who had given all."
>> Horrible, but telling.  Meanwhile, the Left applauds like monkeys on caffeine and crank simultaneously for illegal aliens, BLM, etc.  This
tells me EVERYTHING I need to know about them.
** The enemedia being shoddy when it supports the "D" side?  More on the enemedia:
** Quote: "In short the media lied. It spent a week churning out fake news from anonymous sources. Most of which probably lead on a string back to Obama's Goebbels, Ben Rhodes."
>> The enemedia, lied?  NO!!!!  (Cue my "shocked look".)  Another example of outright lying from the enemedia:
** Loretta Lynch did NOT recuse herself from the Clinton email scandal... but the enemedia says she did.
** The difference - or one of - between Left and Right: WE have a sense of honor and integrity.  THEY do not.
Not unrelated to that:
** Quote: "Unhinged by their hatred of Trump, true believer liberals are forgetting to wear masks in public so as not to terrify normal people."
** UTTERLY desperate globalists reach to silence those who oppose them.
** Prager University video on the Second Amendment.
** From a TV show, but showing understanding.
** Now call me paranoid, but this would be a strategic move to neutralize Sessions who "war gaming" would
have readily identified as a key player should Trump win.  Remember, the Left is playing a LONG GAME.
** More:
** So American reporters can get PAID by Russian TV, and that's OK... but Sessions MEETS with someone
and it's a crisis?  This is nothing more than fodder to so clog the American public with "Trump
scandals" one-after-another that they think that's all there is.  Even more:
** Quote: "Instead, [Franken] asked an intentionally ambiguous question which made an answer complicated so that the response could be used a weapon to later bludgeon Sessions."
** Title: What Will it Take for Europeans to Push Back?
>> She asks, and I agree with the question.  Another by the same commenter:
**Title: How the Altruism Gene May Eliminate the West
>> Altruism is a good thing.  And interesting comment about the "Warrior Gene" which, in fact, may
explain A LOT.
** Title: Swedes Cry For Help, Muslim Invasion.
>> Swedish woman addresses migrants.
** Imagine, JUST IMAGINE, the storm that would ensue if someone on the Right said this.
** Title: How Marxists Hijacked Our Culture
>> Culture war!  And look at the Gramsci quote at about 5:20.  This is critical.  Understand this is
a LONG WAR and they are FANATICAL MISSIONARIES.  And the follow-up:
** Title: Regaining the Cultural Narrative
** Quote: "So, whenever someone tries to sell a narrative that Trump supporters have done something vile, you would be pretty safe if you assume it's a false flag until proven otherwise."

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