Friday, February 17, 2017

Why Do The Enemies of Liberty So Desperately Fear President Donald J. Trump?

Is anyone really surprised that McCain would slur The Commander-In-Chief to a gathering of global elitist? Donald Trump has been in the White House less than ONE month and already the "maverick" John McCain has sewn more seeds of contempt and dissension against President Trump than he ever did against Obongo in the eight years that musoloid-Kenyan was in office. It is obvious that party affiliation and the well being of the country mean little to McCain. He is showing his true colors and only confirming what most already know and that is the fact that he is a huge part of the "SWAMP". McCain could at least play charade like his spineless RHINO counterparts McConnell and Ryan. Those two do attempt to conceal their disdain for the Washington "outsider" who was elected President as they "ride" his coattails. I hope Trump burns McCain's ass. The "maverick" from The Grand Canyon State should have been put out to pasture years ago as he has fed at the government trough way to long. 

                                                                                                Click here for the disgusting story if you can bear it.


  1. (Sung to the tune Charlie Brown)
    Walked into Washington, cool and slow; who called the Media Daddy O.
    Donald Trump.

  2. A young conservative doctor named Kelli Ward (whose husband is in the military) ran against McCainlast election and almost beat him. I live in Montana and donated to her anyway, just because McCain deserves to have his ass whipped and removed from Congress. He is an elitist scum who rode to his position on his supposed suffering as a POW. In reality, he did a "Tokyo Rose" type of broadcast for the North Vietnamese government, and I believe he co-operated with them and didn't really suffer they way most of our POWs who were "guests" at the Hanoi Hilton suffered. I would love to piss on his grave, if he dies
    before I do. I'd love to hear he had a stroke which disable him enough that we would never have to listen to his lies and BS again.

    BTW, I believe Kelli is going to run against The Flake now, so if you have any spare change, you might consider donating to her campaign.

  3. The progressives do not want him to succeed and pack the Supreme Court.They wanted their own leftist puppets so the court would legalize sex with children so all the progressives and holly-weirdos would be happier.

    1. True story, Anon. They have been trying to get the DSM-V changed so that pedophilia is no longer considered a disorder, but is instead considered normal, acceptable behavior. Sick bastards.


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