Sunday, December 25, 2016

Video of Commie Activist Band Replaced With One Done Several Years Ago By Known "Good-Guys"

 I had never heard of the group whose video I posted earlier today. I had posted it purely on the humor aspect. Thanks to reader "IOpener" for the 411. I took down the link as I sure don't support or patronize known leftists. Playing it safe, I put up a nice Christmas video from some real Americans or I should say, Alabamians.


  1. The song might even be good, but the Dropkick Murphs are asshole commies and fuck them, I won't listen.

    1. I'd never heard of them. A friend from Louisiana sent that to me in a Christmas email. He must not know the groups background either as he is as far "right" as one can legally be (LOL). Thanks for the heads up. I thought that bunch was suspect when I saw the JFK poster in the backgrounds of a couple of the scenes.

    2. The Murphys are a Boston based bunch of IRA-loving, anti-American scumbags. Well done on 'dropping' their video.

  2. Thanks. Merry Christmas, and may the Grace of God be with you.

    And with the commies, may it bring them to Grace as well.

  3. Hi Irish,
    It's still "Christmas in Dixie" at least for the better part of this hour..... Thanks for posting "Christmas in Dixie!!" 'Posted it at the top of my fb page.... 'Interesting art about the "God Bless!!!"
    Blue skies and "God Bless!!,"
    skybill out...for now

  4. Isn't everyone from Kennedy Country a commie activist?

    Sorry. Irish...................


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