Friday, August 26, 2016

Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things...

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** Bill Whittle.  All good, but right about at 50 minutes, pay attention.  We are facing the collapse of
Western civilization, and just like he says, some silk-robed son of a b*tch comes out and opens the doors
for the barbarians.  Because they're bored.  Because they've stopped believing in their own civilization.
** Killary could be on video RED HANDED in pay-for-play, and the LIVs wouldn't care.  Related:

** Paging Sandy Berger.
** Those who say they won't vote Trump, but WILL vote for Killary, because of his character have no standing to make that argument in the
face of Killary's character.
** Muslim man saves Christian from Muslim mob - and KUDOS - and gets his home and family killed.  But don't
you DARE say they're violent.
** Can you just IMAGINE the howls of outrage if a Christian discussed sex slavery in today's world, including
letting your guest have sex with your chattel?  But... it's a Muslim, so, silence.  What was it Voltaire said?
"If you want to know who rules you, find out who you can't criticize."    

** War on economies is PART of jihad.  Egypt is in serious economic straits because of the decline of tourism.  In fact, in
Israel, forest fires are set by Arabs to tie up and drain Israeli resources.
** Title: The Truth About the #Syrianboy Viral Photo. Its really a story of two boys. #OmranDaqneesh
>> Isn't it CONVENIENT that this boy's picture comes out JUST as Western countries are starting to get skeptical about
the flood of refugees?  After all, it was that drowned boy's picture that enabled the flood to get started.

** I suspect that the 60% of Germans who disapprove - per surveys - is actually much, much higher.

** And under Killary, tens of thousands of the people who think this way will be brought here.  And gays will still vote for her.  Related:

** What is with these people?  Do they have a civilizational death wish?
** More than half of donors to Clinton Crime Family Foundation met with her at the State Department.  Nope, nope, no corruption here.
** The character of Killary.
** Think of the MSM as propagandandists with bylines.  Yet another thing the MSM blacks out (pun not intended):
** Flip this; imagine if it were whites chanting this and then attacking blacks.  Yup, 24/7 coverage.
** Hit this, Trump.  Daily.  Make it a central point.
** I wouldn't put ANYTHING past Killary.
** Quote: "In other words, [all of Soros' charities] goal is to subvert Western democracies and make it
impossible for governments to maintain order or for societies to retain their unique identities and values."
>> Remember, this man is giving Killary megabucks.
** Tar.  Feathers.  Apply.
** The ONLY WAY the actions of this administration makes sense is if they're on the side of
the Islamists.  There is NO OTHER plausible explanation that so well encompasses their actions.
** The
** Remember Rules 1 and 2:
1. It doesn't matter what's true, it's what people believe.
2. Those who control the information flow control what people believe.
** Not done by Jews, so it's not news.
** Hillary's lies.  Video.  Related:
** Am am 99% convinced Comey didn't file because he was afraid he might commit spontaneous suicide.
** Prove you're eligible to register to vote.  Naturally the ACLU is fighting it.
** Authorities baffled as to the motives of these people.  Western civilization has a collective
death wish, at least at the top.
** Laws are for the little people.  Related:
** More pay-for-play.
** Title: Are The Police Racist?
>> Facts don't matter.
** But she has NOTHING TO HIDE.  Uh huh.  Related:
** Dirty, corrupt, lying, treasonous.
** Timing PURELY COINCIDENTAL of course.
** Great cartoon about Huma and the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.
** Why politicians in the UK haven't been strung up by now is beyond me.  Related:
** What needs to become normal is...
** From January 2016.  Quote from the teenage German girl being discussed: "Men of Germany, these people are killing your children, they are killing your women."
>> Nobody goes from zero to jackboot as fast as Europeans.  And IMHO, they need to.  Related:
** Quote: "Of course, in putting her through all this, the message sent to everyone else was: Shut up. If you see something, keep it to yourself."
>> Precisely.  One can be forgiven in thinking that Europe's leaders WANT to destroy their native populations.  Personally, I'm SURE they do.  More:
** And related:
** There's one picture of a migrant holding their baby up.  Fine, take the baby, baptize it, and raise it as a Christian while
sending the parents back.
** The MSM, baised against Killary?  Paging Orwell...
** Barackus' actions ONLY make sense if he's playing for the "other side".
** Think of them as propagandists with bylines.  (Quoting Instapundit's Glenn Reynolds.)
** Guy screams "Allah akhbar!" while stabbing woman to death in Australia.  Police and media baffled at a possible motive.  Related:
** If these were white people, it'd be 24/7 news globally.  Related:
** Imagine for a moment if these were whites doing these things towards blacks.  Again, 24/7 news.  But it's just against Jews, so who cares?

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