Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Subliminal Lunch Suggestion.....

most likely NSFW... you've been warned.......


  1. Homina, homina, homina!

  2. I get an in and out urge just watching this.

  3. "IRISH!!!!!"
    "HOLY SMOKE!!!!!!!" The only way I could get my 'puter to cool off and quit smokin' was to go fix a Jim & Coke!!! Jeez!!!...Back in Cali..... The cool thing was to take an In & out Bumper sticker and cut out certain parts and what was left said, In Perfect So. Cal. Surf Punk Speak,"In and out, That's What".......
    "Double Cheese Burger, Large Fries and a Vanilla Shake!!" at the Corona "In & Out" on my way back to the beach (Costa Mesa) from a Saturday or Sunday at the "DROPZONE!!" ........"Tasty!!!"
    Got Burgers???,
    PS Have to dig but I have some of those bumper stickers in my archives!!


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