Friday, May 20, 2016

Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things....

compiled and submitted by AFOI
** A reminder to all the #nevertrumpers what's at stake if Hellary wins.
** Funny how so many people around the Clintons end up taking dirt naps.  Just what are the odds?
** Gays for more Muslim immigration is - to cite that popular quip - like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders.
** But... but... but WAR ON WOMEN!  Tampons!  Birth control pills!
** Kennedy was a drunk, a letch, a murderer, and a traitor... yet he is lauded as one of the Lions of the Democrats.  Which tells me
EVERYTHING I need to know about the Democrats. 


** SOmeone should have a picture of a little girl being leered at and photographed by a perv "identifying" as a woman...
** Layers and layers of fact checkers and editors.  HAH!  Related:
** It's all attack and spin, all the time - to drag Hellary across the finish line first.
** Remember, it doesn't matter what's true - it's what people believe.  And those who control the flow of information control what people
believe.  Related:
** I'd ask if Anderson Cooper uses kneepads, but...
** Insane.
** $2.3 billion in gold dumped in 10 minutes?
** Why do I get the feeling that the crash is coming within a couple of years?
** And the native British aren't rebelling because.... ?
** Just how many times does this have to happen - in EVERY attempt to implement Socialism - before people "get it"?
** The story is not the refugees.  The story is how the town leadership pissed on the town's people and didn't let on this was going to happen
until it was already arranged.
** Read the comments.
** At what point does this kind of thing rise to the level of "giving aid and comfort to the enemy"?
** Noam Chomsky is a sick man, but he's an evil man.  He lives in the best country in the world, probably the only one in the world that would
tolerate his incessant attacks on it instead of - and let me fantasize for a moment here - impaling him alive for fomenting treason.
** So the "Vicar of Christ on Earth" sees the mission to spread Christianity through love and education as the same as Jihad spreading the
word of Allah by the sword.  Can a Pope be impeached?
** Amazon sells the flags / symbols of those who enslave and rape women and kill gays... but won't sell a Confederate flag.
** Hellary on a secret recording planning a gun grab.  Date unknown - but it's not like we didn't know this already.
** That'll leave a mark.  Nice.
** SIX YEARS OLD!!!!  My on-the-cusp-of-six daughter can't decide what to have for lunch, yet in Norway she'd be old enough to decide to
permanently mutilate herself???
** Quote: "Our colleges have been ruined, free speech is increasingly suppressed, the economy is stagnant, the federal debt is doubling and
young Americans no longer see America as exceptional in any way,
all because of the left. But almost no one dares mention the word. Why?"
** Good for these students.  Write to the school to support the students: Hedrick Middle School, 1501 E Jackson St, Medford, OR 97504
** On one hand, this woman got far less than she deserved.  OTOH, to the father... if you have frackin' PICTURES of the results of the abuse,
why the hell didn't you ACT?
** The REAL reason for never solving the race issues in this country: too many people are making excellent money off it.
** The results are so obvious and so predictable that I can only assume the actual intended goal was to create an environment where businesses
and honest people flee, thus enhancing the population of government dependants who vote
for the Left uniformly.
** But Leftists won't learn from this.  The more I observe Leftists, the more convinced I become that they are mental defectives.
** So, basically, you violate your own freedoms to kiss the ass of someone who would take them away.
** Told you.  The more "the Elites" scorn and hector the common man, and push the understandable resistance to being invaded underground, the
stronger - and more virulent - the resistance will grow.  Desperate people do desperate things.
** A Clinton, cheating?  NO!!!!
** What did I say?  The world is littered with piles of dry tinder, all interconnected... and people are playing with matches.
** I don't know anything about this specific organization; but a self-funded UN MUST be stopped.

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  1. On the gold thing.
    Yes 18000 is a lot of futures but they were for paper gold not real bullion. If i was a fund manager and i found myself hold paper gold i'd dump them as well. Now the article is likely correct in that it was most likely a central bank doing to keep their currency afloat.
    Of course it can't be Canada since the liberals dumped all remaining gold reserves around christmas.

    On the 6 years old deciding to get gender surgery. - I can honestly say norway is screwed. I've never known a 6 year old who could stay on task for an hour. Asking them to choose a gender at 6 and mutilatibg them based on a decision by a child is abuse.



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