Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs On Things....

 complied and submitted by AFOI
** Cartoon.  Yeah, tell me about that "white privilege".
** A country without Republicans.
** We've always been at war with Eastasia.  The MSM makes me sick.

** Thus supporting my claim: We could have a group of Jihadists on video in a US mall mowing people down, screaming "Allah akhbar!", waving
the ISIS flag, and having made their martyr videos discovered at their homes... and the authorities would be scratching their heads at the
** Rape culture.
** The day when the police / military in Europe are active in protecting the invaders is coming - soon.  The people won't stand for it.
** If you assume that Barackus wants Iran to develop and then use nuclear weapons to destroy America, Israel, and the West, then everything
makes sense.
** Hillary being a pathological liar: scary.  Hillary's supporters not caring: scarier.
** I know, Israel should go back to the 1948 lines where it was 12 miles wide on the coast, and all of Israel will now be within missile
range.  What could go wrong?
** Many people saw what a calamity Barackus would be.
** I liked this.  "Mitchell's Theorem of Societal Collapse."  Yup, nailed it.
** I wonder how much meddling Putin is doing here; Russia is hurting from low oil prices too.  And a Sunni-Shiite dust-up would draw lots of
Muslims from all over the world.  The danger would be the conflict
** Very true.  When you live in a bubble, especially when you live in a bubble and are constantly told how great you are, you start to believe
** Thomas Sowell.  Must read as usual.


  1. Except now the dims and the replugs are one and the same.


    1. Oops, forgot this as the header.

      "A country without Republicans."



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