Friday Femme Fatale... Sizzling Sultry Soul Stealers........

  For those of you that have been patiently waiting for Friday Femme Fatale

It's finally here so grab a beer ......

Make sure nobody can sneak in behind you....

Sit back and enjoy.......

It's Very Rare That I Laugh Out Loud During The Morning Commute.....

  This morning I Did.  I heard John Wesley Austin and John Heffron on the Sirius Blue Collar Comedy channel.

This is funny.............

A Piece of Heaven on Earth

I took this photograph and short video of Caney Creek Falls (Wm. B. Bankhead National Forest) while hog hunting Saturday before last. There was still ice and snow on the ground from two days prior. I am actually behind the larger falls filming. Enjoy


  Has anyone visted Plitvice?

Taken in the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Link O'Rama.....

Complied and submitted by AFOI
** Iran says US goals are opposite to their objectives.  But we're still working with them and facilitating their access to Iraq... WHY?
** Say, where is Barackus' consigliere Jarrett from again?
** When you've lost THE FRENCH...
** Barackus and Iran.  That WILL leave a mark.

** Quote: "Obama has to sign the deal so we can see how many Iranian nuclear warheads are inside it."

"If a crew member locks down the flight deck with the manual doors, nothing will open it," a second Australian pilot said.

It is possible for one pilot of an Airbus A320 to lock the other pilot out of the cockpit to the extent that he cannot regain entry, even if the aircraft is in a fatal dive, says an Australian pilot of an A320.
The New York Times has reported, citing an official involved in the Germanwings crash investigation, that the cockpit voice recorder shows one of the pilots had left the flight deck and could not regain entry.
"You can hear he is trying to smash the [cockpit] door down," the official said.

An Australian A320 pilot, who declined to be named, said the locked flight deck of the aircraft could be entered using an emergency code on a keypad – in the case of the pilot flying the aircraft being incapacitated, the door will automatically open after a set period of time if the correct code is entered. However, in the event the pilot flying the aircraft does not want the other pilot to enter the flight deck, the one in the cockpit has the ability to block entry if he reacts before the door would open automatically.
"If the person on the other side of the door says 'no', you can't get in," the Australian pilot said. 
He added that the doors are bolted and heavily protected and it would likely be impossible to break it down within minutes, even if passengers or flight attendants assisted.


Memorializing WWII Powell brothers a race against time for last one, 99

Between 1939 and 1944, seven Powell brothers joined the military, a fairly astonishing number and one that caught the attention of a local lawmaker who wants to honor the family's service by renaming a road through their home county in west-central Illinois after the brothers. Click here for the whole story.


 Since you can't access the Chicago Tribune article, try this one





What If Someone Could Invent Real "They Live" Glasses That Really Worked?

You could put them on and check out the truth.


  Go ahead.. try them on, click the picture if you dare................

It Should Be This Easy.....

I found the above picture on line. The watermark led me to these guys:

>Grunt Style Apparel Here<

About Grunt style:
 Grunt Style is a highly motivated group of veterans and patriots who love three things, PT, Freedom and Bacon.  Not in that order.  We design and make our own gear in house during the week, drink whiskey and go to the range on the weekends.  

Monday, March 23, 2015

Tree House Cabin..... If I Ever Won The Lottery....

.......I would build one of these in the middle of the woods.

Click the picture for more:

Fellow Blogger and Reader Is Looking For Job Search Help....

David Hunt is on my blogroll and he has some fun stuff.  Check out his blog and, if inclined, his Portfolio, and his About Me and Why I Blog pages to get a sense of who he is.  He's a Mechanical Engineer with two Masters degrees, a background in plastics among other things, and experience in both design and manufacturing.

He's not getting a lot of traction in his job search in New England, and is opening up his search.  He's looking southward, e.g., the Carolinas, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, with some specific criteria.  If you have any thoughts on places to look, companies to apply to, or are willing to be a networking contact, he can be reached at davidhunt (at) outdrs (dot) net.  Please mention in the subject that you heard about him here.

His criteria for a target area:

An established Conservative (denominationally) Jewish community

Masonic Lodges

A Montessori school that - ideally - goes through 8th grade

Other preferences (negotiable):

Not pure-flat landscape

Trees / forests

A large city within an hour's drive

Some Awesome Photography

 I happened upon Devilineden's Flickr page and there are some great images.

 Here is a sample, click on the picture for a link to the page:


A Show Of Respect In Tacoma Wa.

This video is a few years old. I wonder if he still does it?

I couldn't find any info doing a quick google search.

H/t to Chickenmom


  I was reading through the comments over on the youtube post for the above video and one of the commenters said this:

"Check out Kincardine, Ontario, Canada where they bagpipe the sunset each night.  A moving experience."

So I did: