Friday, December 11, 2015

Link O'Rama... Keeping a Tab On Things..

Compiled and submitted by AFOI'spies'#
** Graphic video shows the start of a beheading, and its result.  And the Leftists are worried about school prayer and homeschoolers.
** Time and time and time and time again, Muslim immigrants en masse commit rape and other crimes.  Thus proving that Leftism is a mental
deficiency in showing they are incapable of learning from the examples of others.
** A must read, with a frightening conclusion.
** And yet Israel is supposed to negotiate with these people.
** Iran's involvement in 9-11.
** The Left LOVES ISIS; they've got the same enemy.
** More on the "historic Iran deal".
** From Irish: Do six year old white boys' lives matter?  Feed this SOB into a shredding machine.  On pay-per-view.
** Sure ain't the Muslims.
** Can we spell CORRUPTION?
** Is a liberal breathing?  Then they're lying.
** I'd ask "Has she no shame?" but that's obvious.
** But don't you dare mention that, you greasy Islamophobe.
** Do the letters "F" and "Y" have any significance?
** When the state criminalizes a lack of belief in "The Ideology" it's become the state religion.
** Talking about the "No fly list" while advocating using the "Terrorist watch list" which is much larger and far broader in scope.
** What I'm afraid of is that Bush has an agreement with The Establishment to hold on while they knock off everyone else; then he'll be the
last man
standing and the nominee by default.  And Shrillary wins.
** Those are some prayer beads there, Mo'.
** Shrillary hawking favors like a souk marketeer.
** Common enemies.
** 43 minutes of shining brilliance from Thomas Sowell.
** The problem is that these people will not pay consequences.  Just plain folks, will.
** In Russian. Some German Muslims started patrolling demanding people stop drinking alcohol, etc.  They were arrested by the charges were
dropped.  Can you imagine the outrage if someone patrolled a college campus with "celibacy police"?

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