Friday, July 10, 2015

What If You Drained The Great Lakes?.....

Cool documentary........



  1. Looking due south from the middle of Lake Ontario you'll see all those bands of white --- snow. Yep, Syracuse. I'll bet this pic was taken in May.

  2. Great video, Irish! Thanks for posting!

  3. I grew up on the Eastern end of Superior in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Superior is the largest single lake by volume on Earth. There is enough water in just that lake to cover all of North and South America with one foot of water. Superior is second or third in surface area. It's a amazing! The storm that sunk the Edmund Fitzgerald is etched into my memory. It was the worst storm I have ever experienced.

  4. ...continued: I worked at a small radio station at the time, I was 17 years old. I broke the news to the networks that the Fitzgerald sunk and sent them some audio of me interviewing the Coast Guard. I ended up with an award from the Associated Press for the story. The man at the end of this documentary worked with my father and was a friend of the family. It will be 40 years this November 10th. I went out a year later for a joint USA/Canada memorial service aboard Coast Guard cutters. My father was a pastor and helped arrange it. I still worked for the radio station and held the yagi antenna to beam the audio back to listeners. The weather kicked up and the seas were 15-20 ft.. I clung to a mast most of the ride. As soon as the service ended the seas went calm and glassy, it was very eerie. I still have audio of this service. Gordon Lightfoot's song is an accurate ballad of the event.

    1. Thanks for your story Monty. It must have been an amazing, unforgettable time for you I'm sure.


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