Thursday, July 9, 2015

Link O'Rama.....

    Complied and Submitted by AFOI
** Read this.  Read this again.  Then take a long, hard look at any Muslim you know.  Note that it does NOT mean
they think this way, but it's worth understanding.
** TOLD YOU Obamacare was nothing more than a Trojan Horse for single payer.
** Shrillary lies.  That what she does.  That's ALL she does.
** One can only hope the Leftards flock there are are wiped out by a rapidly-communicable virus once they're packed
in that close.
** What they don't teach in school about the Democrats and racism.

** A very useful chart on who murders who.
** There is a war on white America.  I'm not saying this to be provocative, but to describe the situation.
This was is not only being fought by individuals acting on their own, but in the deliberate demographic
assault through allowing illegal immigration.
** Insights into Tunisia's gun laws, where a jihadists killed 37 people with a gun.
** I agree, but it'll never happen.
** The power in ANY negotiation process is that one side can walk away.  When you have one side eager for a deal,
ANY deal, the other side can call the tune.
** As imperfect as it is, the nuclear family is one of the primary bulwarks against socialism.  That is one
reason it is under such a relentless assault.
** With negotiators like these on our side, why not just sell Iran nukes directly?
** England, committing suicide by welcoming the tumor.
** But don't DARE say they're more violent.

** A gay man comments sensibly on the cake issue.  But that's not the point.  The point is to MAKE EXAMPLES, not to behave rationally.
** Long but insightful.  And I DO like the comment: "If you really want to see a logic circuit blow in a living organism, ask a liberal to
pinpoint EXACTLY when and where the parties switched. Don't give them an inch. Insist. Keep insisting. Don't let them generalize, demand
** What's fascinating is all the comments in favor of Russia.
** An absolute MUST READ if you care about Israel.  The majority of American Jews are, IMHO,
more interested in fitting in than in standing firm.
** The Left is very, very clever.
** Tyson is forgiven for lying, outright lying, because he's on the "right" side of the debate.  Remember, the Left consists of
** Abolish the EPA.  It's a tool for the Democrats to use in their quest to end the free market and hobble America's economy.
** Awareness is spreading.  On the other hand:
** Propagandists with bylines.
** MY BET... New Yorkers who voted for that commie will not connect their vote with the decline of their city.
** Shoot them.  Shoot them all.  If you lack that level of basic humanity you are an animal and need to be put down.
** The more obvious the lies like this become, the less people trust authority.  Sooner or later people will start
dishing out "Street Justice" as the system collapses.
** BWAAAA HA HA HA HA!  More, please.
** In the comments a Leftard comments about Conservative boycotts.  What is pointed out to him is the difference
between word-of-mouth boycotts and using the force of government to compel.
** Innocence doesn't matter.  What matters is sending a message: We can destroy you.
** Doing the double murders Americans just won't do.
** If Jews did this - OUTRAGE.  But, hey, it's only Muslims killing Muslims so who cares?

** It doesn't matter.  We could have an email from Barackus' email to Lerner, complete with electronic verification, and
the MSM would spike it.
** Pat Condell video on the First Amendment.
** A Jihadist following Islam.  Whoda thunk it?
** Preparing the ground for a complete capitulation.
** Working for the other side.
** Oh, but these are the MODERATES.
** Jews are marked for special attention.

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