Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Pay Attention To Your Surroundings This Weekend......

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Notice they use the term "Lone Wolf"...............

The sick ambitions of a caliphate bent on carnage: Chilling map predicts where ISIS will strike the West with 'lone wolf attacks' - as FBI sets up 56 centers to monitor Fourth of July terror threat

  • Experts predict that ISIS will soon awaken sleeper cells in Western countries to carry out terrorist attacks 
  • The FBI is on high alert for the Fourth of July holiday and is reportedly setting up command centers at all 56 field offices across the nation to monitor any threats   
  • The FBI says there is currently no specific, credible threat against the U.S. but Americans should be vigilant


  1. There might be a "Lone wolf" but there is "no specific credible threat."

    Yet they are battoning down the hatches.

    Either there will be an attack by ISIS or Al Qeuda (not that they really need to), or it will be another case of the feds "preventing" an attack they cooked up and blaming the Tea Party, with a small chance of being a full on false flag attack. Whatever the case, it means more violations of rights in favor of "security."

    1. I'm with you on this one, Son.
      There is too much going on in this country, all at the same time.


    2. Something else to ponder is , why are they here in the first place?

      Oh, we have a porous border and our government is allowing them in by the thousands. Got it.

  2. I am headed to the NC mountains for a week or so. It is less than 3 hours from my home in Atlanta but the closest town is like Mayberry but with too many hippies. It is a good thing NC recognizes a GA CCW...

  3. Sounds like a party invitation. I wish a motherfucker would...


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