Sunday, May 31, 2015

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 Complied and submitted by AFOI
** The West has a choice.  And PC is going to get us all killed.  Related:

** But... but... but BIRTH CONTROL PILLS!  Republican WAR ON WOMEN!
** Ignoring the crocodile.
** How DARE Hungary not want to be invaded.
** In all seriousness, if I had my choice I would NOT be scouring the internet for articles on what politicians are up to,

and what is happening around the world.  I have a LOT better things to do.  But what happens in the world affects me; what

politicians do affects me.  Therefore, I MUST pay attention.
** Leftists HATE the idea that people can resist, whether resisting individual crime, or resisting the State.
** Game-changer.
** Having failed to destroy the US economy the first time around, they're trying again now that it's weakened.
** If the US and China go at it, who else will act?  Putin?  Kim?  Iran?
** And we're revealing this capability.... WHY?  This just gives our enemies more notice of what

to plan for and harden against.
** Wow.
** Remember, this is ISIS ITSELF saying this.  But no no no, ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.
** Yes.  Related:
** I agree.  This is by design by Barackus.
** If a company decides to VOLUNTARILY enact such policies as a way of attracting women - bully for them.  But all

these laws, like the minimum wage, are nothing but "doing good" without regard to consequences or the fact that

this generosity is paid for at the point of a gun.
** Say, didn't the Left say the same thing about Vietnam - how the Vietnamese needed to take care of themselves?

And then cut their knees out from under them?  The Dems are the party of treason, and facilitate genocide.
** OK, so I might cross the line with this idea, but here goes.  The US goes into Iraq to "fix" ISIS.  Every

ISIS member caught is executed, decapitated, and castrated with the penis attached.  These two items, heads

and "junk", are airdropped into remaining ISIS territory.  Related:
** The article is horrible enough, but just look at this picture.  If this were America or Israel doing this

it'd be 24/7 news.  But, hey, it's just little brown people so of course we can't hold them to the same standard.
** Long, but... damned with his own words.
** Read the whole thing.  Excellent.
** Wow, just wow.
** Weep.
** The only black lives that REALLY matter to the Left are the ones that are politically useful.
** AHA!  The reason we all knew about illegals and the Left's love of them, revealed openly.
** Thus ensuring that people will not help America.
** It's all about free stuff.  Obamacare pays; this shift would burden people with a $5-$10 monthly expenditure.  The horror.
** Let's jack THEIR tax rates to 90%.
** Really, a way had to be found to GET BUSH.
** A very useful analysis of what Fascism really is.
** The anti-Jew and anti-Israel attitude will migrate as students steeped in that hate move into society.

Remember, the MOVERS behind this are Muslims, who think in terms of centuries.  They have a long-long-long

game plan.

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