Saturday, May 2, 2015

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Compiled and submitted by AFOI  ( a friend of Irish )
** Caught lying.  Brazenly.
** Exactly.  Read it all, and shudder at the insideous mindset required.
** Excellent.
** MUST READ.  Rome fell, and America (and the West) are teetering.

** Bill Whittle video - incredible analysis.  Here's my problem: too many of those to whom
he is speaking literally cannot believe it can happen again.  Related:
** The Leftists are going to be utterly shocked when their Jihadist "allies" turn on them.
** I am NOT saying that there is no racism, or that such crimes don't exist.  But given the history of fake ones,
we need to be skeptical.
** Not just Britain.  The West in general.
** Can you just imagine these precious snowflakes confronted by ISIS?  Related:
** Free speech, but only when you agree.  And in Britain:
** Leftists in America drooling.
** I need a shower after reading some of the quoted vile comments.
** Video from the Holocaust.  NEVER FORGET!!  NEVER AGAIN!!
** Destroy businesses, to encourage the others to comply.
** The blacks, especially in the inner cities, are ready to blow IMHO.
** Look, I don't know the details of this case, and I admit it.  But it's clear things are being whipped up.  And
IMHO it could spiral far, far past the point of being able to calm it down.  FYI:
** Does this mean he needed killing?  No, and again I don't know the details.
** There are two kinds of Leftists here.  The first kind truly believes that the system is what they claim it is,
i.e., unfair, raaaacist, etc.; they believe "the system" created the criminals.  The second kind WANTS the chaos.
** Let it burn, IMHO.  These animals want the Jungle, let 'em have it.  Pull out the police, pull out the
firemen, let them destroy themselves.
** MUST READ about anti-Semitism on American campuses.
** What's Cruz drinking?  Start piping it into the GOP HQ.
** FIVE YEARS of returns need to be redone?  Heh.  Ha.  HA.  BWAAAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!
** A few years ago I read about a Russian who predicted the breakup of America.  I was laughing.  I'm not anymore.
** What happened in Europe when they allowed gay marriage?  Marriage of men and women, and children, fell.
** Now this is interesting, and encouraging IMHO.  But it's "long term encouraging".
** At issue is a very basic problem: Those who will be most affected, and have their lives most ruined, by
such policies will not associate their votes with the consequences.  Only WHEN/IF people say "I vote for
Democrats, 'X' keeps happening..." will people try an alternative.
** On one hand, cool.  On the other hand... why are we announcing this capability?
** All excellent questions.  If I might be conspiracy-theorist for a moment, a supposition that just occured to me is
that this was a test... of the ability to gin up a crowd, and to see what happened if the police were unavailable.
How far would it spread, what would people do, and so on.
** A very interesting analysis.  It's a War on Faith.  Period.  More:
** And not unrelated:

** It's all about silencing the opposition.  Faith and Family are two huge STOP signs in the road to Socialism.
** Remember, you don't have kids.  You lease them from The State.  Tar.  Feathers.
** At issue: We could have a signed and notarized, with fingerprints and DNA evidence, that Shrillary took
pay-for-play money with foreign countries and interests... and at least 30% of the population would still vote
for her.  Because vagina, that's why.  Picture sums it up:
** I want you to think, really think, about this for a minute.  Can you even IMAGINE having the state National Guard
monitor a US Military troop exercise a couple of decades ago because of distrust of the motives of the exercise?
** I have NO ISSUE with a financial penalty being part of the punishment after a criminal conviction.  But
to take peoples' property under the theory that property has no rights and can therefore be taken?  WRONG.
** Nothing says individual freedom like telling people to all think alike OR ELSE.
** Fascinating statistics.  So where are the white riots?
** WOW.  This is a STAGGERINGLY good point.  And related to the Fakestinians:
** Well, DUH!
** 100 years from now, the GOP will be cursed as traitors.
** I heard some of this tirade... was screaming at the radio about these capitulators.
** Un-f*cking-believable.
** Lawless.  Utterly lawless.
** Hard to argue with this.
** Leftists destroyed the family with welfare, etc.  Now they get this.
** If it weren't for double standards, Leftists wouldn't have any.
** G-d help us, he's right.
** That's OUR data.
** But... but... but polar bears!

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  1. Re: pjmedia story about increasing polarization and breakup of US.
    With the way the Presidential elections have yo-yo'd, I almost expect Ted Cruz to win, and with it, several libtard states to scream about seceding. I'd hope a new President Cruz wouldn't sacrifice millions of his countrymen in the name of "preserving the Union" at any cost.


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