Saturday, March 21, 2015

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 Complied and submitted by  AFOI
** Quote: "What other explanation can there be but that our president is fighting on the side of our enemies, and
that he is, therefore, committing treason?"  >> Welcome to the party, pal.  I've been saying this for years.
And on Israel specifically:
** Because things worked out so well for Czechoslovakia in the 1930's.
** Embedded quote:  And I can tell you that these are views that the administration intends to communicate directly
to the Israelis."  >> Doesn't want to interfere when a SOCIALIST violates the country's LAWS in - where was it in
Latin America? - but is willing and determined to do so in Israel.
** The waters get bloodier around Shrillary.
** Bill Whittle on Shrillary.  Video.
** Better and better.
** Questions that need answering.
** Leftists in America salivating at Europe's speech laws.

** Quote: "It feels like this: that all five of you are evidence that the mosques should be monitored and that
honest and inspectable programs that teach against the jihad imperative should be required in all mosques."
>> I think I'd be a little harsher than that.
** "Climate change" is all about Marxism.  Period.  End of story.
** Quote: "Satellites show that there has been no tropospheric warming for almost 20 years. They
are reliant on a misinformed public and compliant press to keep this scam alive."
** Sweden circling the drain.  As is Norway:
** Very interesting historical perspective.
** Collapse is coming.  When, how bad, nobody can say.  But it cannot be avoided.  More:
** My prediction: things will seem stable for a while, but as the dollar is abandoned, the
Fed will have to print more and more to answer rising interest rates.  Then, "unexpectedly"
things will tip and shudder globally.  Quote: "It is no longer a question of should Americans
prepare, it is now a question of how prepared are they for what is coming?"  More:
** And it'll be worldwide.

** Whereas, here, they're invited to speak at universities and consulted by the government.
** File under "Standards, Double".
** And he's going to take a lot of people with him.
** Whenever I get called a "racist" - which I do on occasion because I oppose Barackus - I reply
to the effect that the accuser is a traitor.  HOW DARE YOU? is the universal reply, to
which I reply the same.
** Margaret Sanger, patron saint of abortion, on blacks and others.
** The best legislators tech companies can buy - at the cheap, cheap price of the middle class.

** They could have a signed statement by Shrillary to the effect of "Let 'em die in Benghazi" and Dems would vote for her.
** Thomas Sowell on the minimum wage.
** Someone needs to stop these people.  Defund the EPA.
** Quote: "At least twice over the last 15 years, Israel has offered the Palestinians extraordinarily
generous two-state solutions. The first time was in 2000-2001 when Ehud Barak and Bill Clinton offered
the Palestinians more than 90% of the West Bank and all of the Gaza Strip, with a capital in Jerusalem."
>> Virtually everything they wanted, and they said no.  They don't want peace, they want dead Jews.
And I was listening to Rush the other day, who had a caller who remembered when Bibi was in office a
few years ago and on Larry King.  There had just been a bombing killing 12 people, and Larry asked
"Do you think this latest attack will affect the peace process." The caller described how Bibi did a
double-take, then said "Yes, I think 12 people being murdered will affect the peace process."
** Destroying morals and the family has been a Leftist goal for a century or more.  Their
efforts are finally bearing fruit.
** Quote from an embedded tweet: "Obama tried harder to influence the Israeli election of
2015 than to support the Iranian uprising of 2009."  >> And yet, American Jews, including
my relatives, will continue their support of Barackus and the Democrats.  More:
** Remember the First and Second Rules:
1. It doesn't matter what's true, it's what you can get people to believe.
2. Those who control the information stream control what people believe.
** And yet my Jewish relatives will deny, deny, deny there is any resurgence of
anti-Semitism... and many of them lived through the Shoah.  More:
** But there's no resurgence in anti-Semitism, per my relatives.
** I can't imagine the horror of losing a child.  At the same time, if your child is THAT sensitive...
** But... but... but APARTHEID STATE!
** Larry Elder shoots, scores!
** Who should pay your rent?  Look in the damned mirror.
** When TSHTF and it's a full-on civil war, after the media, the academics of the Left.  We know who they are.
And on the MSM:
** My cousin, a Jew, works there.  We don't talk any more.  Her work at the New York Times-Traitor
is just a hair shy of a Jew working for Goebbel's propaganda machine.
** Quote: "Again, those disturbing questions about whose side the president is on."  >> Seriously?


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