Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Gone Golfing.... Be Back Later

    If all goes as planned, you are reading this as I am enjoying a big omelet and coffee somewhere

in Myrtle Beach. One of my customers invited be down to play ( hopefully ) some golf. 

I think we are going to try the TIDEWATER :

Looks nice huh?

Does anyone have suggestions on golf or good restaurants to try?  Leave a comment and I'll check in for any ideas you might have.

 I think the condo is 20 minutes north of the airport.


  1. Enjoy! I dunno much about Myrtle Beach, but this looks like a place that you could kill some time between rounds and enjoy a drink or something... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOGoFxbKd0Y

  2. benny rappa = not far from you and cafe old vienna

    als you can drive down to murrell's inlet and go to the crab house - on the right as you go into the creek area and it is pink

    1. Thanks. We had appetizers at drunken jacks ( and a few beers )

  3. If you end up north of town, up 17 close to the NC border and Heather Glen GC and Carolina Shores, the little village of Calabash has some good places for a beer or coffee. Coleman's is a cool old seafood house, but there are lots of others. -GruntofMonteCristo

  4. Agree with the Calabash, NC suggestion. We had lunch at Captain Nance's today and the Calabash style fried shrimp is always good. Also agree with Murrell's inlet at the other end of the beach and would suggest Prosser's Bar-BQ, especially for lunch. Other Murrell's inlet is Salt Water Cafe on 17 - usually a good crowd for dinner. You are at somewhat of a disadvantage in that many of the restaurants close up after Thanksgiving and do not re-open until mid-February. Burro Loco's (off 17 bypass just north of airport) is a good choice and has an active happy hour as well.

    Enjoy your stay


  5. +3 on Calabash and Colemans... Wildwing is an interesting place with 27 holes on three 9s.

  6. Forget about sipping tea and eating croissants...I recommend..http://www.theedollhousesc.com/
    Enjoy your vacation!


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