Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Have you ever heard of Cody Wilson, Defcad, 3D Printed Gun Parts..?.

The company that developed 3D printed gun parts has announced plans to launch a new firm, dedicated to copyright-free blueprints for a range of 3D printable objects.
Defcad, as the firm will be known, has already been dubbed the Pirate Bay of 3D printing.
The site will become a "search engine for 3D printing," according to its founders.
But its flouting of copyright is likely to face legal challenges.
Wiki weapon:

The firm is the brainchild of Cody Wilson, law student and self-styled crypto-anarchist.
Last year he set up Defense Distributed, a project aiming to print gun parts.
The project provoked controversy with 3D printing firm MakerBot pulling gun part blueprints from its website in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings and 3D printer manufacturer Stratasys refusing permission for its machines to be used by the company.
It is also facing legal challenges to shut the site down.
Despite the set-backs, it released a video this month demonstrating an AR-15 with a 3D printed part firing more than 600 rounds. 





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  1. I am printing one in the next couple days. I also have the files for aluminium lowers as well. I am thinking of printing some at 80% for fun and profit for some friends...


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