Thursday, March 14, 2013

Does Anyone Want To Give Irish Some Tech Help? Are any of you getting malware warnings on my blog?

I have been on my site a few times today and I am getting a warning from my 

AVAST antivirus software each time that says a threat of malware has been detected on my blog.

This is the site that the malware hit blocks.

I have no idea where to look on the blog to find this and get rid of it.

It could also be a false hit, I'm not sure. 

If you can help please leave a comment or send an email :)!!!




  1. Can't help you, bud. My email is all wonky today, and my comments are locked in limbo. I'm going to join you in whatever cyber hell you've been banished to by the blogger gods.

  2. Try Microsoft Security Essentials. Even though it's free it is one of the better AV programs.

  3. A search of the source code for the whole page indicates that the only time that URL is shown is in this post.

    Possibly something that shows up under Windows?

    I'm running a Mac...

  4. Also, try a different web browser, like Chrome.

  5. Try running this:

    It has cleaned my puter up in the past.

  6. The issue is in the web page, not on the computer you use to browser to it. Malwarebytes is nifty, but that's just looking at your computer.

    Freddyboomboom is on the right track. Select "View Source", copy the entire html data, paste it into a word processor, and search for the term. That won't necessarily find it, though - the URL might be encoded (UTF-8, etc).

    That all said, it might be that either a blog ad or one of your widgets (the spinny globe thing, etc) might be pulling this in as a redirect. You might want to turn them off one at a time, reloading the page each time to see if that's the avenue.

  7. Superantispyware is free it will get it out

  8. No problems here with your site, but over at Bill Bobs blog hell on earth, my firewall is blocking it because it says it is pornography. Anyone know what happened to him? He hasn't posted in weeks.

    1. Billybobs okay..he's been busy. I talked to him a few days ago. I have no problem with his site at all.

      I get the same warning on TLinexiles site that I get on mine?

  9. I found this link at support at the godaddy site. Maybe one of my blog list blogs is gone and it's redirecting?

  10. You have a link that directs to a malware page most likely. No issues when I hit your site.

  11. Empty your Temp and Temporary Internet files.
    Ran a full virus scan. (An online virus scan tool can be found here
    Run a scan with antimalware software

  12. cc cleaner works wonders

  13. are conservative blogs and bloggers being attacked by know who?


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