Wednesday, November 21, 2012

When you get a minute watch this..Seriously, watch the whole thing. You will be giving a standing ovation at the end.

h/t to cw swanson


  1. Awesome! I love Bill, and watch everything he does. However, I was unaware of this. Powerful and cuts to the bone.

    If you haven't, check out his stratosphere lounge series on youtube. It's like a weekly podcast typed thing. I can listen to him talk all night.

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  3. That was a beautiful rand. I love listening to Bill W. However, the left will be unmoved by anything that comes out of the mouth of a conservative. We are not dealing with a population trying to decide what is the best way to vote in order to have a prosperous and successful nation. What we are dealing with now is a population where half of them believe, as in a religious sense, that the state is their personal lord and savior and the other large portion of society believes that an invisible mystery person in the sky is the personal lord and savior. Both sides brain-washed as children, which makes is nearly impossible to change.

    No conservative is going to chuck it all, buy a set of bongo drums, a tattoo ... a couple of piercings and go live in a tent, do graffiti and bang college drop outs.

    Similarly, no OWS twit, no black food stamp user, no illegal mexican or liberal arts graduate is going to suddenly go buy a suit, take some business or trades courses and go get a job and start supporting the idea of self-reliance.

    We are dealing with the same scenario as we see in Israel today. Two groups ... one filled with generational, murderous hatred for Jews ... for no good reason I can come up with ... and the other side that is completely mystified by how the other side can be so neanderthal.

    Ne'er shall the twains meet.

    We will fight each other until one side is annihilated by the other or until the asteroid mercifully takes us all out together.

    It is the yin yang nature of humanity ... it's the on/off thing ... the up/down ... we live in a binary powered universe.

    That's the way of this world.

    Bummer eh?

  4. That was well put, John.
    You could not be more right.
    So instead of stewing over it, I guess we should just try and make it work for us as best we each can.
    Anything else is a waste of energy, I suppose.
    The truth can be mighty discouraging.

  5. finally took the time to watch that. That capped my Thanksgiving day!
    Awesome. Bill Whittle should run for president.

  6. If only Romney had spoken like that.

  7. My question is, how did we let the progressives (communists) get such a stronghold in the media, the schools and universities and the culture in the first place? It seems to me that unless we take those institutions back, that it is a losing battle. Conservatisim by its nature is like a prevent defense in football. Until we go back in to the game to win, expect more of the same. Even if we start the push now, it will take decades to win those area back. I am hopeful but not optimistic.



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