Monday, November 19, 2012

What's required to make this happen? Nothing more than turning off the EBT cards for 72 hours......

They have already divided us.  

Everyday it seems that we are losing this once great country.

Somehow I can see this happening:


1) Purposely shut off all EBT cards. (Takes just two seconds at JP Morgan.)

 2) Blame it on a cyber terrorist attack and use the crisis to institute harsh new police state controls over the internet. ("Never let a good crisis go to waste...") 

 3) Allow the "EBT riots" to unfold. Keep the National Guard away for long enough to let things get out of control and have scary footage broadcast on the evening news.

 4) Once things are bad enough, announce Martial Law and bring in the troops to turn America's streets into a Nazi-style police state surveillance and enforcement system, complete with TSA-run checkpoints on all major roads.


  1. Then the fun will begin........;D

  2. The other night I was in the mood for some KFC, and as I pulled into the lot I noticed how empty the store was.

    Then I saw the sign on the door that their EBT terminal wasn't working!

    Gee....buying KFC on an EBT that *should* only be used sustanence food!

    1. Drjim, you're lucky this ain't a libtard blog or I would ban you for racism!! HAHAHHAHAHA

  3. Natural News...good website Irishman. I believe the militarization and gradual police state measures are being implemented due to a pending geophysical event. My guess would be solar. The FEMA camps set up in Jersey are a good practice run. The militarization is needed to maintain social order during this possible event. I view the economic crisis as a distraction from this event. We will see buddy.

  4. HEY - don't be giving the libtards any ideas (much less a viable way to get their way!)
    Although it would be a good way to start winnowing the wheat from the chaff (distinguishing takers from makers). The bad part will be that once the gummint declares martial law it WILL be well nigh impossible to restore our Republic...............


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