Monday, November 19, 2012

Object Graveyards....

H/t to reader Bosko!

Have you ever wondered what happens to decommissioned machines and other similar facilities that people once used? Some of these objects are being recycled, and many of them are piling up on the so-called Object Graveyards and there waiting to be completely eaten by the ravages of time. Places of natural decomposition of such objects can be unusual tourist destinations and sites to capture amazing photos.

Here are some pictures from the SITE



  1. Phyllids (N/W Jersey)November 19, 2012 at 9:11 PM

    Such a waste. Especially those marvelous old trains and phone booths....

  2. I would love to explore the B-52's and the C-141's. Of course I am an airplane person.

  3. It is sad to see those B52 on the machine equivalent of death row. After serving their country.

  4. I think those are (or *were*) stored at Davis-Monthan AFB near Tuscon.

    Most of the B-52's have been turned into scrap, and probably the same with the C-141's.

    They cut the B-52's in half with a big guilllotine, and then left them that way for a few days so the Russian spy satellites could confirm they were cut up.

  5. I was stationed at Davis-Monthan and worked in the bone yard (AMARC) some. They did chop up old B-52s into 6 ft sections with a guillotine. I talked to the guys doing it one day. It was an awesome site!

    1. We were evacuated from Saigon in a C-141. Here's a shot of the inside as we left.


  6. BTW they were chopped up for the START II treaty.

  7. Used to work those 141's when I first started in the Air Force.

    We went by Davis Monthan on vacation several years ago, and got a chance to wander around the boneyard. It was kinda sad.

  8. Love the image of the F-117 stealth fighter. I also understand the B-52 has been refitted several times. From Wikipedia: In 2012 it was announced that USAF engineering studies suggest that the life span of the B-52 could extend beyond 2040.

  9. Yep, it'll probably be the first aircraft with a ONE HUNDRED year service life!


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