Friday, November 23, 2012

Never Have and Never Will.....Ever...


  1. I said exactly the same thing.. Until my wife read the sales papers yesterday. Walmart had 33 60" Viso LED smart TV's on sale for 700 bucks. We've been putting off buying a new TV for about 8 months and that deal was too good to pass up. normally that TV was about 1200 bucks...

    But, I have a 26 yr old kid that didn't have nothing to do last night, so I sent him and the wife down to wait. The sale started at 10pm last night. They waited from 5:30 till ten and I went down and picked it up from the back dock.. Best plan ever!

  2. Going to war over some cheap shiny, noisy objects. How shallow. Sorry, but this is a state of culture where a more disciplined confident culture can easily move in and take over. Just wait ... it's coming. Everything is going to change. Insane shopping will be nothing but a sad memory.

  3. Concur... I'm letting my fingers do the walking :-)


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