Monday, July 18, 2011

Welfare Cheats get MORE Free Stuff......

This picture was taken in Haverhill MA today.

SO if you use your EBT card to get stuff that you haven't paid for,
you also get a free Pepsi hat.

Isn't that just swell. Check out this post at

I linked it earlier if you missed it.

Now I know its only a hat BUT why are people that are

an "Electronic Benefits Transfer" card being rewarded????

Its NOT like they can buy just anything you lobster ,steak,and mountain dew


  1. Well, yeah. I use food stamps. Not proud of it, but being effectively blind, and just recently out of quarantine for TB, my job prospects are limited. I use the card to buy ingredients for meals, but cannot use it for toilet paper or toothpaste. Not that I have extravagant tastes in bumwad...


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