Friday, July 22, 2011

Sign of the Times.....

This is a local , upscale town near us. The "Boss" owns a business
in Newburyport and these types of stories are becoming more and more
frequent as the economy goes south.

LOCK your house, LOCK your car, CARRY if you have it and BE aware.

NEWBURYPORT — Police chiefs in Newburyport and Merrimac are asking residents to report any strange activity as soon as they see it, as police in both communities are responding to an uptick in breaking-and-entering incidents over the last month.

"We have not seen this number in quite a while," Howard said, referring to the frequency of break-ins at commercial establishments.

"Story Here"

Take a look at how close these businesses are to the Police Station and realize that there are officers
that are on foot patrol as well as on bikes.....

Its gettin bad out there folks.

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  1. As a Police Chief told me not too long ago... "A Bad Economy is good for our business. It keeps us busy..."


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