Thursday, May 26, 2011

Choked Up....

Sometimes its the little things that get to you.

Here at work and also at the "bosses' " business I have been dealing with trying to get rid of mice. For whatever reason this year seems to be a banner year for the mouse population. I have trapped or poisoned plenty and I have no issue at all with coming in and finding a dead one in a trap. No Emotion at all.

This morning was a little different, I was sitting at the desk reading emails ( not surfing pron.. yet;) ) when I heard a rattle sound. I went to check the trap that is in the corner and realized that I had gotten another mouse.

The problem was he was still alive, the trap had snagged him at the shoulder and he was trying to get away. I don't know how long he was there but I know he was in distress... For whatever reason it just hit me the wrong way and I got choked up. I know he won't make it so I put him out side and will hopefully help to feed one of the many hawks that usually are circling the area looking for lunch.

R.I.P little mouse.

psssss.... don't tell the anyone but I do have a heart sometimes.

One of my good friends sent along his comments in an email:



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  1. Not a pussy - you just have a big heart for even the smallest creatures


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