Tuesday, October 3, 2017

This video analyzes the available raw footage of the Mass Shooting in Las Vegas

  This was linked in a comment posted at IOTWReport by Bad Brad.

If any experts want to weigh in, please comment.

 As the creator of the video states:

This video is out within 24 hours of the shooting and the current theory in the media is there is a Lone Wolf Shooter who committed suicide, and did the shooting from the 32nd story of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. We analyze the available raw footage in support of and/or contrary to the current theory. Disclaimer: We have little to no information at this time on the details of this event and will revise and update our analysis as more information becomes available.

ETA,  I noticed this video won't start at the beginning. ??  You can rewind it once it's open

I have tried embedding a few times. ( It worked fine for me earlier )


 I will also add this link over to AESOP's place.

Who, How, Why, and WTF? 


 I've been playing with this in my head all day, so let me indulge for a few minutes. It may be overtaken by events later today, but this is where it is at the moment.
Stephen Paddock, 64, multi-millionaire, $400K retirement home, multiple properties, two airplanes, private pilot, instrument-rated, wears reading glasses, retired aerospace accountant and real estate mogul or somesuch. Divorced (for the last 27 years), no kids AFAIK, lives 90 minutes up I-15 from Sin City, but his roommate/gf/? is a 62-y.o. fililpina who's looking like the wrong side of the portrait of Dorian Gray. Can go anywhere he likes, do anything he likes, fly all over the country, or play in Vegas, but hooks up with Tiny Troll in Reno, in a strip club. Likes to gamble, and has multiple CTRs for cash payouts of $10K, $20K, $30K, etc.




  1. Book depository...Vegas casino.

    The name Lee Harvey Oswald ring a bell?

    There is documented proof someone else was involved in the JFK "skull duggery" and it follows the Vegas gig will prove likewise.

  2. This thing isn't adding up. Smells like a False Flag Operation.

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