Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thirsty Thursday Recyclers....

  Bonus points if you can name the bar that's in Irish's AO.


  1. could be this place - except its too clean :-) Roadrunner Floating Dock Bar & Restaurant, in Parker AZ

    1. Nope. Way off course. I'm in New England. 😬

    2. I'd say the Titty Twister but know better as to its location versus yours; so, I will guess The Tilted Kilt.

      Now a question for you, why the heck is it I can comment to your blog posts when I am using Firefox as my browser but not when using IE? It's been like that for a year or two now.

    3. Hey, Glenn, not sure about the commenting issue? As far as the Tilted Kilt. No, not the one in Nashua. ;)

  2. By the way, what a waste of beer kegs unless for some reason they were not usable any longer as beer kegs.

  3. I would say the bar just right out the WH, but the urinals are too clean... swamp scum you know...

  4. Hi Irish!!,
    Great "Recycle" job!! No, I don't know where they are located but I'm sure we will find out soon!! BTW, when it comes to "Re-cycling..." why do Gator-ade jugs have "rounded 'lips'".....?????? Ask an "OVER THE ROAD 18 WHEEL TRUCK DRIVER!!!!!!"

  5. I am part Mick, part Limey and part German (True fact.) There is no drinking problem in my
    family! That said, the Irish in me gets sentimental at the sight of this photo. All the
    beer I drink has to go somewhere. Since I am only part Irish and drink Budweiser, a true
    Irishman would call it piss. So my guess is a recycling center.


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