Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Look Ma, I Shifted It Into 4 Wheel Drive And Didn't Get Stuck!"...


  1. A funny story for ya....

    It's a funny world....
    And yesterday I heard from a friend how he was in a local diner and that the place-mats had traditionally been emblazoned with all the American presidents. He glanced down and noticed that the most recent president was still president Obama. He asked the waitress about when the new place-mats with president Trump will arrive and she told him that they have but people "complained about them" so the diner removed them. Ha!
    This is just as frightening! Be careful America!

    1. What city is the diner in? That's ridiculous!

    2. In NYC, the borough of Queens. It is crazy, isn't it!

    3. So are the lefties actually going to erase Trump from history? I bet that they will try.

  2. It is crazy for sure. The liberals are nuts.

  3. Back on topic. I was petting my 13 yo Golden when I saw this photo. We live on the bay right on the central Oregon coast. The bay mud is horribly gooey and deep. Last week he dashed out the door and before I knew it, he'd gotten down there. Time to get the hose out! Episode # ??? Good grief! I have to give him credit however, because he was an automatic retriever. No training necessary. I was walking him along the bay one day and he took off, and swam down a surf scoter, grabbed it, and returned it to me unharmed. Who needs a shotgun? Supposedly his grandmother was some sort of trials champion.


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