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Friday, March 31, 2017

"Dumb Phones Make You Smarter"

I was visiting some of my favorite blogsposts earlier this morning and came across this piece from ZEROGOV via Western Rifle Shooter's Association and it only re-affirmed my belief that we as a society are losing valuable life experiences as result of technology, particularly with the seemingly addiction of "Smart Phones". Recently, my wife and I were in the waiting area of an Italian restaurant with ten or so other souls. As we sat there waiting to be seated I pointed out to my wife that none of these folks were talking with each other. Their faces were "glued" to the screens of their phones. The ages of these folks waiting ranged from people in their sixties to teenagers. Even the young boys and girls probably out on "dates" were more interested in what was on the screens of thier phones than with who they were with. We were finally seated at a table and again, it was the same thing with patrons only briefly looking up from their phones to glance at a menus and tell the server what they wanted to eat. Then, it was back to the "smart phone". Think about how many times you have sat in the waiting room of doctors or dentists office and witnessed the same thing. This is a good article and worth the read. It even had me wanting to dig out my old Nokia or re-connect my land-line service. Anyhow, I hope you enjoy. More later, Jeffery

Click HERE for the story. 


  1. This is about 5-6 years old, from when I lived in (location redacted) - mentioned in a story about tech was a kid in high school who had been given the moniker "Captain Kirk" by his friends because he had a flip phone that only did voice stuff - just like the communicators on Star Trek - instead of a spiffy smart phone. IIRC, the quotes from the kid seemed to indicate he was the smarter one of the bunch.

  2. No matter the age, it is still very relevant and I also believe this "addiction" has intensified. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. We used to be scared of the drunks on the road and now it has gotten as bad and worse with people texting on their phones. My wife and i live here in rural southern Alabama and take a lot of back roads and have seen they are no safer than the highways. I can't count the times i thought i was following a drunk driver only to get along side of them at a light to see them on their damm phones.
    I never thought about the Captain Kirk phones. We both have Consumer Cellular and only use them to talk. Even have family members upset with us when we get a text from them and instead of texting back i call and talk to them.

  4. I was sitting in a parking lot the other day and saw a mini van come out of a drive through, as it went past me so close it nearly took off my mirror I notice the lady driving was texting and not watching where she was going. She never noticed the lane curved and she hit the dumpster at about 15-20km/hr. That made her look.


  5. I only use a old flip phone from Trac Fone. They keep wanting to upgrade and I keep refusing. I don't like texting and don't want a camera. O/T Eclectic Kelvin, what part of LA are you in, I use to live in Pine Level, south of Montgomery and close to Enterprise.

    1. My wife and i live in South Western Alabama next to Perdido Bay outside the town of Lillian


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