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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Princess Twatahontas* Wants To Taunt President Trump....

Bay State U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren plans to bring an Iraqi refugee now living in Boston to President Trump’s first-ever address to the joint session of Congress tonight, amid growing indications that Democrats will try to use the event to embarrass the commander in chief.

Warren will be accompanied by Tiba Faraj, who first came to Lynn with her family in 2010, about four years after her father was shot and left permanently disabled while working in Iraq, according to Warren’s office.


*borrowed from Bob Woods in the comments

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  1. I grew up in Lynn. Left there 55 years ago. I love my roots but Lynn is just not the same. I have no doubt that if you looked for them you could find family and friends in Lynn of people killed by refugees and recent immigrants. Perhaps the Republicans should bring in a dozen or so survivors and family of those killed by refugees.


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