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Monday, December 19, 2016

Hillary lost ..... again.

        Just saying.


  1. I want the Hollywood celebrities who promised to leave to get out now.
    I want the pundits and Hildabeast cheerleaders in the lame-stream press to be fired or to quit.
    I want the liberal retards that threatened to suicide to follow through with it.

    Democrats and liberals are power-mad despots and whiny losers.

    All I can say is Go Trump 2020!

  2. With any luck at all the mad bitch will take a hint, and a legal mandate, and get the fuck out of our lives.

  3. If she was a cow, her days in the pasture would be over, and the rancher would hope he could get a few pennies over the slaughter price for pet food.

    1. The ranchers near me will take a cow like that and stake ger out in a field by herself. She isn't worth the fuel to take to market. So they put her done and gut her in the fueld. Then they wait till the coyotes show up to eat and thin the pack.


    2. I don't think even coyotes would be attracted to that bait. except for maybe an LGBT 'yote.

  4. You do know the difference between a Turkey Buzzard and a demoncrat politician? There are some things that even the Turkey Buzzard will not touch.

    MSG Grumpy


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