Monday, October 24, 2016

Link O'rama.. Keeping Tabs On Things....

Compliled and Submitted by AFOI..
** Orwell was, apparently, an optimist.  And doubtless Lefties all over the world are looking at this...
>> From 2011 but I just viewed it.
** It was a sham.  It was ALWAYS a sham.
** Pay for play is the Democrat way.

** Must be nice to have all these people who "just happened" to give all these gifts.  For no reason.  No reason at all.  Related:
** Evita will PALE in comparison to Killary.  More:
** Mind boggling.
** Such peaceful, tolerant folk, those liberals.
** There are consequences when you promote a "hook up" culture.  Gee, maybe the idea of monogomy and abstinence before marriage
wasn't such a bad idea after all.
** MUST READ.  Especially the quote from Creamer himself about how to beat Conservatives.  Sound familiar?
** I read this and I have the phrase from Predator running through my mind: "This is getting better by the minute!"
** Four very good points about why to vote for Trump.  And notice in the comments the arguments are just attacked, not refuted.
** Dated, but sadly accurate... and worth reading.
** Predictions of a Killary Presidency.
** Here's the thing: Most elections, especially at the state level, tend to be pretty close.  It does
NOT take a lot of fraud to swing it.  Related:
** Even more:
** Voter fraud - lots of it.
** Quote: "The main reason people aren't talking about this is that an honest and factual discussion of the Obama/Hillary foreign policy
record would inevitably result in the election of President Trump."
** Rapefugee who anally raped 10 year old boy has conviction overturned because he "didn't know the boy didn't
want to be raped".  Forget tar and feathers, it's rope time.
** Here's some more of that "smart power" in action.
** Embedded in here is a story of just how conspiratorial the Left is.  That they mention "democracy" and
their tongues don't burst into flame just amazes me.
** Is there ANY adult over there?
** More emails with work-related info that Killary did NOT turn over.
** Great graphs!
** Men catch, and spread, AIDS intentionally.  Bullet.  Brain.  For the good of all.
** This is about as scummy as you can get.  If there was an error, the agency giving it made it.
** WHY IS IT that every error like this seems to always switch votes to the Dems?  Why do I know it's
this way?  Because if it EVER went in reverse it'd be 24/7 news.
** Fascinating.  Democrats who looked at these documents said Bill Clinton needed to go.  Wow.
** Complicit and actively participating in invasion.  Voting for Hillary?  If you are attacked by one of
these people, your attack may not be recorded.  You might be asked how you dressed, and what you did to
provoke them.
** Not JUST about suppressing the vote, but setting the context for when vote fraud pulls Killary across first.
** Preview of what will happen everywhere, and sooner than you think.
** NOW they tell us.  Awake, oh Vikings.  Awake, Saxons...  (and so on).

** Meanwhile, the MSM obsesses about a surrupticious 11-year old tape.
** Quote from the report on which this was based: "More broadly speaking, there is not even a single Western
European country with a successful Muslim community, as I've shown with granite-hard facts and figures and
will further substantiate with more of the same. Instead, in only slightly varying degrees, Muslim immigration
is just one long tale of woe and misery for the long-suffering host countries, which are in for far worse to
come in the decades ahead because of barely understood demographic realities."
** While I dispute the idea that there is not really room for growth, I do agree with the premise that we are being
lied to so systematically, nobody believes anything.

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