Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Link O'rama..Keeping Tabs On Things....

Complied and submitted by AFOI

** Hidden camera shows shows streets blocked by huge crowds of Muslim - Islam in Paris
>> In Paris.  Now.  And coming soon to America if Hellary wins.  Related:
** Title: Europe's Last Chance
>> Pat Condell.  More
** Viking ancestors spinning in their graves, approaching warp speed.

** I was flipping through these cartoons when I saw this.  I still can't believe that
Hellary said this.  And that it was given a pass.  BUT... this is ABSOLUTELY the
kind of mental evasion that Muslims use.  THIS IS A MUST-WATCH VIDEO:
** Title: Bill Warner, PhD: Deception in Political Islam
>> We didn't lose a SINGLE person.  We lost FOUR.  But Hellary is spot-on correct in
her statement on face value - we didn't lose a SINGLE person.

** Dated cartoon about Dems and gun laws.

** Banned from speech because of the threat of violence.  The "Rioter's Veto".  Now, imagine if Conservative
students did this.  Free speech no longer exists.  And the young Brownshirts-in-training that I've referred
to multiple times?  Useful for this:
** As the article points out, who's going to stop him?  


** Obama questioned Romney's fitness in 2012; today he denies saying it.  It's like they don't think
the internet exists.  And speaking of fitness:
** Hellary needs help up a set of stairs.  How will she handle the stresses of the Presidency?  More:
** This is a fascinating essay about Hellary's mental state.

** That THAT BITCH isn't struck by lightening for saying things like this...

** For many lie-berals, Hellary could scatter sand in front of them, tell them it was grain, and
they'd peck at it.

** But... but... but TAMPONS!  BIRTH CONTROL PILLS!

** Nice to see that smug presstitute get squished like a bug.  Related:
** The MSM will drag Hellary across the finish line even if it's her lifeless carcass.

** And the Left worships her.  Just imagine if it were a Republican figure who held
these attitudes.

** Unvetted, but... frightening.  And about their corruption:
** Why do I have the feeling that if she gets in, Evita's actions will look like
child's play?

** Felonies, schmelanies, we're Democrats.

** Little girl, who can't even be five, sings ISIS song and then uses a knife to behead a doll.  We're going
to have to kill them down to the last man, woman, and child.

** So true.  Just like how they ONLY want police to have guns... the SAME police that they are
critical of for "gunning down black men".

** Quote: "SOMEBODY needs to pay for all my [15] kids."
>> Yes, this election is about FREE STUFF.

** Given the bodies piling up of people who've crossed Hellary, including several just recently, it would not surprise
me to see more if she gets elected.

** Black examines college Republicans, ends up becoming a Republican.

** Just like Barackus.  And next it'll be a Hispanic.  And then a gay person.  (Or a double-whammy, a gay Hispanic.)

** If this were Trump people would be screaming 24/7 "What's he hiding?"  More:
** Whomever this is, it is NOT a secret service agent.  And he's carrying an emergency anti-spasmodic:

** I got nothin'.  Yes, insane.  Next the New Yor Times-Traitor will be telling us to give up rational thought and the Five Basic Machines.

** Next up, a civil right to have sex in public restrooms.  There's no limit to the perversity.

** If it weren't for double standards, liberals wouldn't have any standards.

** It's not about the evidence, it's about The Narrative.  That's THEIR TRUTH, now leave them alone in their
"safe space", you mean fact-based bullies!

** So, basically, they're for theft that they don't even have the stones to do themselves, but rather outsource
it to government agents to do their dirty work.

** When it comes to Hellary, the MSM is the three monkeys.

** This is something like people defending Barackus' when he's not on a teleprompter and saying his brain power is
so YUUUUGE ;) that he stumbles.

** Now, if this were CHRISTIANS doing this, there'd be outrage on the Left.


** HA HA HA HA HA HA!  I don't know about my neighborhood, but my workplace sure is.

** Case closed. Yup.

** Title: Bill Warner - A Taste of Islam
>> This is critical point buried in here: In Islam, the LATER verse overrules the EARLIER verse.  So when someone
points out verses that show tolerance, etc., there is almost always one - later - that overrules it. Another
quote, about Muslims taking over entire streets to pray: "When you commandeer the streets, that is not a religious
act, that is a political act."  And note his observation about how the nature of Mohammed's attitude towards
Jews changes - and the amount of Jew-related comments - at around 22:31.  Islamic doctrine has more Jew hatred,
on a percentage basis, than Hitler's Main Kamf.

** Not a huge fan of WND, but this is an excellent piece.

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