Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Stay With It To The End.....

Explanation of the film HERE<<<


  1. Aw jeez Irish, did you have to do that? Sonofabitch (no, not you, the sentiment that someone could do this).

    1. I thought it was moving enough to share. It does hit a nerve

  2. Damn, Irish!!! Rip my heart out, why dontcha???

  3. Now that hits hard - real hard to the heart.

  4. You made me laugh like a loon...then you made me cry...I have been a part of the adoption process...and that is where it led my mind...and heart...and as he put her out of the car my head shook and I said aloud NO NO NO....Oh my gosh...what an emotional roller coaster visiting your page has been tonight....totally powerful video...and I laughed as I linked to the bouncin music...I wanted to shoot him in the head through my computer!


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