Monday, July 13, 2015

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** The simple solution is for churches to REFUSE to do marriages with wedding licenses.  At least, in the short term.  In the
longer term, I do not see a way where this does not end with religous figures being threatened with jail, and people eventually
shooting back.  ALSO... point out that marriage licenses were enacted by DEMOCRATS to prevent interracial marriages.
** It's starting.
** I did not know the rainbow flag was a socialist symbol at one point, but it figures.
** What's the difference between today's Left and ISIS?  The killings.  Give the Left time.  Related:
** A train wreck so bad the MSM can't ignore it.  And an embedded link:
** Slate's not exactly hostile to the Left either.  What's amusing are some of the comments - just skimmed the first 50 or so.
Lots of people who would, despite ACKNOWLEDGING all these problems, vote for her anyway.  More:
** Video - the first 20-odd minutes are a MUST WATCH.  And apparently the Shrillary rope trick is nothing new:
** Once a Clinton, always a Clinton.
** One of the best replies: "People mandated by law to buy insurance buy insurance."
** You can just feel the love, tolerance, and open-mindedness towards ideological diversity from the Left.
** And more to come, I'm sure.
** But, hey, let's totally given them advanced centrifuges to run in a buried, fortified facility.  No biggie.
** The West, once again, is choosing dishonor, and it will get war.  Again.
** No shiite, Sherlock!  Gee, took you a while to figure that out, did it?
** Tar and feathers would be the smallest thing they need to worry about.
** Remember the Second Rule: Those who control the information flow control what people believe.
** Impale.  Let rot.  Mount skull on US-Mexican border.
** When the leaders and elites no longer believe in the Rule of Law, it's over.
** Trust in "the system" is one of the foundational elements of a functioning society.  This is, at best, "at risk".
** A very shrewd analysis of CNN's Shrillary coverage.
** We've always been at war with Oceana.
** Not a fan of WND, but occasionally they find a nice nugget.  Yes, Dems want illegals for the votes.  Because they
have a LONG GAME.
** Not quote how I'd phrase it, but I echo the thought.
** So which is it.  Is the sun irrelevant to Earth's temperature, as the Warmists have claimed for so long, or does
the sun dominate?
** They predict "A" and "NOT A" happens.  In a SCIENCE, this would cause re-evaluation.
** And terrified of data that might contradict The Cult.
** And isn't it just PUREST COINCIDENCE that The Solution to (cue reverb) "climate change" is Socialism?
** Very insightful.
** Moonbat heads approaching critical mass from this one image.
** Quote: "Is it paranoid to suspect that these people will drag opponents in front of firing squads as soon as they have the political leverage?"
>> No.  Not at all.  And I suspect more than a few are Jonesing at the thought.
** Fascinating article - with footnotes/references - about slavery as practiced by other-than-whites.  But you never
hear about this kind of slavery, because it doesn't fit The Narrative about eeeeeeeevil white men.
** I full well understand that people, especially in combination with alcohol, do stupid things.  Five in one year?  It
reminds me of a woman in Ohio in the supermarket line.  She had, IIRC, 4 kids with another one "in the oven"... and was
paying for her groceries with food stamps & WIC coupons.  I SO wanted to comment to her by pointing to her pregnancy and
observing "You know, they know what causes that now."  I keep reading that abortions are "not wanted" and "because accidents
in birth control happen", but the utter carelessness shown here gives lie to that.  (And all these people who SAY their
birth control failed, well, self-reporting of things that could put you in a bad light is notorious for underreporting.)
** Their viking ancestors are screaming in impotent rage.
** Some good info on Illinois' gun laws.  So how is it Chicago is not a gun-free, crime-free paradise again?
** OK, so it's from a TV show.  It's still fun.  (Though I would have triple-tapped the guy in the chest.)
** The Left - the enemies within the gates - are the single biggest enemy of America.
** Quote: ""A Democrat put it up, and a Republican is taking it down!"  That's what she should've said.  But, the GOP doesn't
know how to play hardball politics anymore because they're punks!"  >> No, it's because the GOP STILL is playing by the
old rules - the one where the Left still considered themselves Americans first, and Democrats second.
** Trump is showboating and IMHO not serious about a run, but he's changing the field of debate.
** People are now talking about these things, thanks to Trump, as bombastic as he is.
** A very good question.  Why are some laws ignored?  Because doing so serves those in power.
** Want to bet that THESE people will be keelhauled as an example, both legally and in the MSM?
** And not unrelated:
** MY theory... the criminals are understanding that the people in power are their de facto allies.  And are
acting accordingly.
** What happens when it's easier to game the system than work hard to develop products and services people want?
** But Sarah Palin was an idiot for talking about "Death Panels".  Sorry, granny, you're just too expensive.  Off
to the "sleep chamber" with you.
** Two articles.  Here's MY issue.  There are just too many people on the dole, and too many "vagina voters", and
too many people who - no matter what - will vote "D" despite understanding the rank stink coming from Shrillary
because they can't vote "R"...
** Black thug attacks police officer and gets shot while charging said officer - Barackus sends representatives.
White woman killed by illegal... crickets.  Judge by actions.
** So they kill the Raptor, an "air dominance" fighter, and are trying to mothball the A-10.  It's almost like Barackus wants to weaken America or something.
** Yick.  Yick.  Yick.  But I F*CKING TOLD YOU!!!!!  Gay marriage, polygamy stepping up to the plate, then comes
incest, and then "intergenerational love" (after all, "age of consent" is just a number, right?)...
** The GOP Elites are pushing for the demise of the GOP.  A lot of people, myself probably included, will not vote for Jeb
as another RINO candidate.
** Raw, naked arrogance on the part of one of Shrillary's mouthpieces.
** But they can SO TOTALLY be trusted to not develop nukes anyway.  Right?  Right?
** Traitors.  A short drop and a sudden stop.  Every. Last. One. Of. Them.  Sort-of related:
** This is the Left.  Silencing opponents.
** The more I read articles like this, the more I think Heinlein's quote about "bad luck" is true.
** But they're totally trustworthy to have their own state, military, and an Israel divided by a 12-odd mile waist.
** She's a Clinton.  She lies.  That's what she does.  That's all she does.
** From the first series of the Dragonlance novels, there's a scene in which Raistlin, now a diety, is seeking something,
anything, "... a scrap of pain...", from which to draw power.  It's a death spiral.  I have the sensation the entire
world is on the edge of that spiral.

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