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Sunday, June 28, 2015

I Now Am Awake To The Cancer That The Left is in America’s Body Politic

 Submitted guest post by 'A Friend Of Irish'

Conservatives: There’s More to Understand


The recent decisions by SCOTUS have really riled up the Right, and justifiably so (a friend called me today and vented in an honest-to-goodness rant – brought a smile to my face).  In particular, the decisions on what Justice Scalia now calls SCOTUScare, gay marriage, and the you’re-a-racist-even-if-you-don’t-know-it ruling on neighborhood demographics have gotten people very upset – and correctly so for many reasons beyond the scope of this post (I may address them separately over time).  I’m looking at something different.  For all the sound and fury on the Right, too many are still raging at an incomplete picture.

Before I begin, let me give you a little background on myself so you know where I’m coming from.  If you’re not interested in that background, skip down to the “The Meat of the Issue” heading.

I grew up in the Peoples’ Republic of Cambridge, Massachusetts.  Both my parents were staunch Leftists.  In 2000, in Florida, they cast their votes for Nader (thank you!).  I grew up in a Left-saturated environment; every relative with whom I’ve spoken about politics is still of the Left.  But even in high school I was starting to turn Rightward; I wrote a letter to our school newspaper in favor of nuclear power when being anti-nuke was cool.

Sure, I voted for Democrats, but through college I found myself questioning things.  A pivotal moment for me happened while living in a Detroit suburb after college.  One of my neighbors, a cop, and I got to be friendly.  He would take in my mail and water my houseplants, and vice versa, on vacations.  One day I stopped by to let him know of a planned trip and saw a semiautomatic pistol on the table.  To cut a long story short, he urged me to get one for self defense.  This contradicted everything I’d ever heard about cops and civilian gun ownership.  I mean everything.

Up until that moment I was of the opinion “Ban them all”.  This was a moment of cognitive dissonance, spurring questions that needed answers.  So I wrote to the NRA, and I wrote to Handgun Control.  I got stacks of materials, did comparisons, and based on that comparison and my innate desire to make fact-based decisions – plus my aversion to what was clearly an abuse of statistics on the gun control side – I switched to the pro-gun side.  And my rightward motion accelerated.

Another pivotal moment was, even though pro-choice at the time, when I saw a bumper sticker: “If it’s not a child, you’re not pregnant.”  That got me thinking.  I realized that so much of the Left’s pro-abortion argument springs from the same dehumanizing methodology the Nazis used for the Jews (and others): untermenschen.  By continually denigrating the nascent child as “a clump of cells” and “a fetus” (which, while the correct medical terminology, decouples the idea of a child from the physical reality), the Left systematically justifies murder by denying the humanity of who is being killed.  My rightward movement was now petal-to-the-metal.

The Meat of the Issue

Yet even with those watershed moments in my Left-to-Right movement I still believed that the Left was acting honorably.  Despite different conclusions, I trusted their basic patriotism and love of America, thought we might differ in viewpoints.  But it’s become clear to me only in the last few years that the Left is playing a Long Game; a Long Game to deconstruct America completely.  Bill Whittle examines this history in a must-watch, must-bookmark, must-share video.

Starting with Antonio Gramsci and his proposed “Long March” through the culture: in education, in the media, and then into politics and the courts, that the Left has slowly, with the patience of a water dripping onto a stone, worked to undermine two key pillars of opposition to the Marxist supremacy of the State: religion and the family.  (Not for nothing do tyrants take over the schools first thing; this video, at first charming, turns chilling as you see the singing clothes the boy is wearing.  Watch that video; now this one from 2008.  Shudder.)

With the recent SCOTUS ruling on gay marriage, a sea-change in the attack on faith has occurred.  Faith-based institutions will come under attack.  The nuclear family, as imperfect as it is, has been a central core of America and its individual-based understanding of Liberty.  Either the State supplants the family and razes religion – as happened in the USSR and other Communist entities – along with making the State Mother and Father, as has happened with welfare with catastrophic effects on minorities addicted to entitlements… or the State loses.  It is a war between visions, and the constrained vs. unconstrained model of human nature.  Bill Whittle has an excellent video on this, and I also highly recommend Thomas Sowell’s books A Conflict of Visions and The Vision of the Anointed.

Let me be clear (to borrow from Imperius Barackus Rex)… whether you are straight, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual, group-o-sexual, or whatever, it is utterly immaterial to me.  It is who you are, the content of your character as formed by the decisions you make and the positions you as an individual hold, that matters.  Further, in principle, I will agree that there should be some type of legal framework for gay couples to protect each other’s interests as married – i.e., male and female – couples already have.  But this could be handled by an exchange of legal powers-of-attorney and other contractual arrangements in an easily-formulated, valid nationally boilerplate contract.  But… it is not marriage.  You can call it whatever you like, but it is not marriage.  The drive to use that word is a drive to seek, not tolerance of their lifestyle, but sanction and approval.

As Leftist-turned-Conservative David Horowitz has observed, many on the Left are missionaries.  The advancement of Marxism (and its necessary prerequisite of destroying America) is not just an interest, it is a driving force, an all-consuming passion.  As one example, back in the day when I used to debate on the local paper’s comment feature I noticed that several of the people there were there every day, commenting every day, arguing with every single article, letter, column, and comment.  Utterly immune to facts, reason, logic, evidence, and history, they had all the markings of True Believers.  Even now, on other sites, I see them writing and commenting.  No counter-argument against their Cause can be tolerated, but must be denigrated, scorned, and countered lest doubt in The Vision be created.  They clearly spend hours every day on The Cause.

Too many on the Right, especially the GOP’s Establishment, still see the Left as the “Loyal Opposition” – those with whom they disagree but who they still view as having differences in degree, not in totality.  Just as I once did.

This is not the case.  I now am awake to the cancer that the Left is in America’s body politic.  You do not coexist with cancer; either you defeat it or it consumes you.  And until the Right wakes up – truly wakes up – to the pernicious and malevolent tendrils of the Left, everywhere, and the religious zeal behind it to undermine America and remake it into the USSA, we cannot win.  Know your enemy.  (In fairness, not every rank-and-file Democrat is of this view; but the “think tank” brains certainly are, as are their leaders.)

I still hope and pray it will not come to blows.  It may well come to a divorce.  I fear, however, that the Left – sensing blood in the water and seeing the finish line beckoning – will overreach, prompting a forceful pushback.  As a friend of mine observed, America is now as divided as it was before the Civil War (or, the “War of Northern Aggression” if you prefer).

Over 100 million died at the hands of adherents to Marxism.  Hitler’s National Socialists were pikers compared to International Socialists like Stalin and Mao.  Within living memory, Barackus Rex’s forebears like Bill Ayers (remember in whose home Barackus Rex launched his political career?) envisioned camps to dispose of those who would not go along with the New America. 

How enthusiastically will the rank-and-file join in?  Just look at the venom spun at any Conservative… consider the vindictiveness of someone gloating in a tweet after the SCOTUS ruling to Brendan Eich, the Mozilla executive forced out over a years-old donation to a group opposing gay marriage.  (It was a tweet aimed directly at Eich; someone held onto the hate for a year.)  Think of the barely-contained violence in the “99% movement”, the actual riots in Ferguson, Baltimore, and other places, and the ever-present Socialists openly displaying their signs and recruiting there.  Foot soldiers.

Again, referring back to the days when I used to debate online, I had people pulling out citations and quotes from things I said months, even years, ago – dates, links, and all… clearly they were keeping private dossiers on opponents.)  You think a good percentage of zealots like that won’t sign up to help dispose of those who don’t go with the program?  It is just a series of small steps, from keeping files on online posters, to denying their humanity because they’re “racists” and “homophobes” and such, to seeing them as untermenschen.  And the camp doors open, and the slaughter begins.

How many will die, especially if the central stabilizing force in on Earth – America – crumbles because of this internal assault… and every “bad actor”, everywhere, takes advantage of that power vacuum?  India vs. Pakistan.  Israel and Sunni Egypt and Saudi Arabia vs. Iran.  ISIS, everywhere.  Russia vs. Ukraine, or the Baltics, or Kazakhstan.  North vs. South Korea.  China vs. Japan.

Wake up.  Understand the malevolent evil of the Left.  Grasp, on a fundamental level, how they seek to unmake America to achieve their Vision.  Fight now, stand now, stand now:

“Still, if you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than live as slaves.”  -- Winston Churchill


  1. This was a lesson I learned in 1966.

  2. Welcome to the party, Pal. My wake up began in 1975, when I was 11 years old. I watched the end of the Vietnam war on TV and read about it in time magazine. I couldn't understand why we were letting the bag guys win. I couldn't understand how most of popular culture, or so it seemed, in the USA were cheering the devastation of freedom in SE Asia. I would ask questions of the adults around me and no one would or could give me an answer. Then, when I was 12, I watched the Democrat Party National Convention in TV. I listened to the speeches and digested what was being said. I came to the conclusion that the Democrats were saying the same things that the Communists, who just took over all of SE Asia, were saying. It seemed, to my youthful and inexperienced brain that the Republicans were closer in philosophy to the way I thought about things. I wore that hatpin through the Seventies and the Reagan years, finally losing my illusion in 1992. Watching the farce which was the 1992 election, resulting in Clinton's occupation, was the hammer blow which broke the shackles of my thinking. The benefit I had was not being taught an orthodoxy.

    It's alright. Welcome to the (real) world.

  3. Shared. I've been watching the destruction of this once great country for years. Voting and writing letters to assorted congress critters doesn't have any effect. It's going to get to the shooting part, probably a lot sooner than we think or want.


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