Saturday, August 9, 2014

Some Great Photos Sent In By Boilerdoc....

Blog buddy BOILERDOC sent along a link to this great tumblr site


Go check out some of the great images that are there. Here is a sample:

Speaking of Prii*

* ( plural of Prius?)

Blog buddy Leigh sent this in:

Survive The Apocolypse in Style....

The house went to foreclosure in 2013. Here is a Dailymail article  >LINK<

A Couple of Videos To Share IF You Haven't Seen Them.

Two different subject matters but worth the time to watch and share if you want

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Hot And Humid Here...

.. this looks like a great idea. I wonder if there is one at a bar near the sooper sekrit bunker?

Busy Morning, Please let me know....

..if you see anything like this on the news.

A Study Found That Horses "Talk" With Their Ears...

Horse whisperers take note: If you want to better understand your equine friends, then study their ears.
A study has revealed that just like humans, horses read each other’s faces. But, unlike us, they gain important information by specifically examining the ears.


Now I have to wonder if that applies to Horse's Asses?


4 Dangerous Effects of Artificial Sweeteners

The combination of America’s enormous appetite for sweets and its obsession with thinness has led to a flood of artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose that are used throughout the food industry, especially in products that are labeled “light” or “healthy”. This first seemed to be the silver bullet that dieters were looking for: a way to lose weight without giving up the desserts and sodas that they loved. However, if something looks too good to be true, then it’s probably time to take another look. Recent research has linked artificial sweeteners with a variety of health problems, including those listed at this >LINK<.


I laughed Out Loud *...

* not at the unfortunate situation.  Just the artistic statement by the person that made this image.

1000 Words...

This is making the rounds... share it far and wide.

The Blood Of Innocent American Citizens...

.. will be on the hands of this administration.

( just read about our porous border on DRUDGE  if you haven't already)