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Friday, January 25, 2013

Brings a Tear To Your Eye.. .Don't it?


  1. Ever since you posted that pic, I've been craving a bacon cheese burger!
    So tonight I was walking by one of those "Five Guys" burger joints.
    Had never tried them, until tonight. One of the best bacon cheese burgers I've ever had!

    Look at the influence you have over people!

  2. I have not laughed, with such a lovingly devious laugh of appreciation, in a long -long - long time. I think maybe the last time I saw something so devilishly pleasing, so morbidly funny, and so gosh darned appealing to me - it must have been a Vincent Price triple header set of horror movies at a local HS when I screamed in terror just before all the good parts (yes I had seen each movie before) and had the three girls sitting right in front of me in tears and peeing their pants several times. That was a long time ago.

  3. I'll have to settle for the pork roast I made, but that pic is awesome. I'm putting it on The Twit.

    BTW--could you add the Name/URL option back to your comment thingy?

  4. Saturday night I tried one with a fried egg on top, talk about multiple tastebud orgasms!

    1. Sounds yummi boilerdoc, So does that mean the third "friend" is a chicken, or an egg??


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