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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Careful With That Axe Eugene.........


  1. So would an Axe at a gunfight be any different then a knife?
    Because that is what he would have found, it being me!!!
    And they want to disarm us!!!

  2. I would have driven away, giving far enough berth not to be hit b the axe. Retreat is often a good thing, especially in such a situation. I certainly do not need to keep myself in harm's way just so I can be the rough and tough type. Besides not getting hurt, it would keep me ou of court and keep me from getting sued. Of course, if I could not retreat, there is a good chance I would have either shot him or run him down.

    As far as bringing a knife to a gun fight, remember that most fairly fit knife attackers can get close enough to cut you badly if they are within about 30 feet of you. The so called experts used to say, you could draw and fire on target before getting cut if the knife wielder was something like 21 feet away. That held for years until someone realized that too many with guns got bested by guys with knives at that distance.

    All the best,

  3. Since the incident is being recorded it's quite obvious that the knucklhead with the axe
    was contemplating felony assault. I would not have backed up.....I would have waited till he was a bit closer then gunned the engine of the jeep....PROBLEM SOLVED.

  4. That asshole did it on purpose. Shoot him then or wait until he kills somebody later.


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