Wednesday, February 21, 2018

"Can't you just use wooden sticks?"

Elk Grove city fathers cancel reenactment due to the city's gun laws. Elk Grove has some sort of a law regarding the possession or firing guns in the city park and have cancelled a reenactment that has been in the planning stages for over a year. 

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The same folks would probably soil themselves if they could have seen some of the WW2 events we once staged at Oak Ridge, TN in Heritage Park. Eventually, politics came into play there too as one of the "committee women" felt that reenactments glorified war. Keep in mind this is coming from a woman who is a chairperson promoting an event that glorifies Oak Ridge, Tennessee's past. I suppose she forgot the city's whole reason for the city's being. She must have forgotten the fact that the inhabitants of "Secret City" and the government were responsible for developing Uranium-235 which was instrumental to the success of the Manhattan Project and building the two most powerful atomic bombs the world had seen to date (not to forget Los Alamos). Upon completion these bombs would be dropped on Japan and we all know how that story ends. 


  1. Actually, the Hiroshima bomb ("Little Boy") was a U-235 bomb, whereas, the Nagasaki bomb, ("Fat Man") was a plutonium bomb. The Los Alamos bomb for the Trinity Test ("The Gadget"), was also a plutonium core, almost identical to Fat Man.

    1. ;^)
      That is precisely the reason I did not get specific with particulars. Thanks James.

  2. I thought you had the event last year....?

  3. The event was held last year, but I did not attend. Once the numbers fell off, they organizers decided the dollar was more important important than their "values". LOL


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