Thursday, February 23, 2017

Link O'rama... Keeping Tabs On Things....

From AFOI.....
>> MORE than a little disjointed, and IMHO there's an awful lot of speculation here presented as harder fact, but
if even a fraction of this is true... it's terrifying.  AND, what if it's ALL true?  (E.g., pay attention to a
couple of things: 20:45.  The ad for the pizza "club" is... vile.  And then following, the pictures of Podesta
and another guy match the artist rendering from a kidnapping in Portugal where it was apparently documented they
were at the time.)
** Divide and conquer.  It works both ways.
** Questions the MSM should have asked, but didn't... the difference between "R" and "D".  Related:
** More:
** They destroyed themselves.
** The influx needs to be stopped, and the outflow needs to begin.  By any means necessary.
** The Establishment doesn't want to go along.  Too busy feeding at the trough.

** Because they are MISSIONARIES.  They are on the side of RIGHT and LIGHT and ALL THAT IS GOOD.
Therefore, since they are fighting unrelenting evil (that'd be Conservatives) EVERYTHING is
on the table for their actions.
** Such a charming culture.  Let's bring them in by the metric f*ckton - what could go wrong?
And note: they'd been there TEN YEARS.  And had not even adapted to the idea that you don't
kill family members????
** MUST READ on how the Left shapes language to control us.
** These Elites, assuming they believe what they spew, are totally delusional and divorced from reality.
** I think the single biggest thing that really irks me about "the consensus" is the HUBRIS
of thinking everything is that well understood.    

** Under Obama, a man is pulled over for having an anti-Obama sign on his car.  And the Secret
Service wanted to "just walk" through his house.  But... TRUMP!  CENSORSHIP!  TYRANNY!  Related:
** I admire McCain's service; he endured what nobody should have.  But he clearly doesn't grasp
who the real enemy is.
** AND... people started to wake up, across the heartland, to how the business elites have been
stealing from the middle class (through offshoring) and enriching themselves.  This alone
explains Trump's appeal in the smaller towns where factories closed and razed local economies
** Short. Simple. True.  "R" vs. "D".
** Fake news.  And they truly wonder why virtually nobody trusts them.  More:
** Interesting background on Sally Yates, the woman Trump fired for not enforcing his travel EO.
** Do these people need to be PERSONALLY beaten, robbed, raped, and even murdered
before they understand this is an INVASION?  More:
** With some great links at the end, too, to more info.
** Real zingers at the MSM.
** OF COURSE they have a MANUAL for this.  THEY are fighting a WAR.  WE... are still playing tiddlywinks.
** Can you even begin to imagine Barackus, or Killary, doing this?  More on this:
** Absolutely right.
** Think of this as "Darwin in action".  If I can be downright mean, though, the people most likely
to try this are the people Conservatives least want to see breeding.

** Really?  REALLY???  What are these idiots going to do when the rapefugees start in on NYC for real?
** Quote: "As usual, climate change as the cause of everything is the classic unfalsifiable proposition."
>> Precisely capturing why, at least as practiced today, studying the climate is NOT a science.  More:
** A whole series that I need to read.
** Quote: "The long-term hopes of the American left lie with the millennial generation."
>> This is why the Left has infested the schools with such vigor.
** OUCH.  THAT will leave a mark.
** Why it's almost as if they have contempt for the intellects and savvy of the Right.
** James Woods scores.
** More "cultural enrichment" in Sweden.  Their Viking ancestors are spinning at hyperspeed by now.  Related:
** If this were reversed there'd be 24/7 howls of outrage.
** Interesting stat on monies spent.
** The *cough cough* free speech wing of the free speech party.
** I think Milo is DONE.  But I do agree with the above... Milo was so rigorously attacked because, as a gay man, he
created a chink in the armor of the Left.  So clearly and openly being both gay and conservative had the potential to
give others "permission" to leave the fold as well.  He HAD TO BE DESTROYED as an example to others; in this case,
he provided the ammunition himself.
** Excellent read on the Deep State attacks on Trump.

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